Brooklyn Beckham Gets Huge Chest Tattoo Inspired By His Dad

brooklyn beckhambrooklynbeckham/Instagram

Though it might take some doing to become the nation’s favourite Beckham, 19-year-old Brooklyn is certainly giving it a good go.

Just like his dad, Brooklyn loves a decent inking. And although he’s been ridiculed for some questionable tats in the past, his latest design appears to pay homage to his footballing father.

Showing off the new tattoo on Instagram, Brooklyn posted a beautiful black and white video of himself, topless, sporting a fetching goatee, gesturing to the camera and revealing the big new inking on his chest.

david beckhamGetty

The tattoo in question is of three cherubs and an angel on the upper left of his chest, which is the same position in which David has a strikingly similar tat of Jesus and three cherubs.

You can see why he’d take inspiration from his good ol’ dad though, as some of Brooklyn’s previous pieces have attracted certain levels of criticism.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn splashed out on a tribute to his mum, Victoria, with an inspired ‘mum’ tattoo:


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Followers were inevitably quick to react.

One wrote:

OMG me and my girls were rinsing him for this hahahaha. [sic]

Another added:

Too much.

While a third joked:

Who is it for?

The ‘mum’ ink isn’t the only permanent marking Brooklyn has has had stick for though.

Who could forget his ‘Made In England’ tattoo which adorns his left foot? Kinda funny. Until you remember his parents named him Brooklyn because he was literally, made in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Beckham foot tattooSnapchat

The aspiring photographer seems to be adding to his collection of artful inkings pretty regularly these days.

Hopefully, the latest piece will please those who’ve been disappointed previously with his choice of tat.

Check him out, clearly happy with his new piece of body art:

Brooklyn Beckhambeckham/Instagram

Being in such a famous family as the Beckhams, you’re going to get noticed. Especially when you share so much on social media.

Then again, it also seems Brooklyn’s parents can’t help but get in on the action, especially when it comes to humiliating their eldest son.

In what was meant to be a sweet and sentimental moment between mother and son, Victoria just couldn’t stop herself having a little go at Brooklyn.

The normally stoic and reserved Posh Spice took an uncharacteristic turn when she pulled off a ‘WHAT IS THAT?!’ manoeuvre on Brooklyn, in reference to his facial hair game.

To be fair to Brooklyn, the tache is clearly in its early stages, and I’m sure it’ll thicken out soon. Sooner than Justin Bieber’s at least.

The burn didn’t go unnoticed on the ‘Gram, as Victoria’s followers took her trolling as a sign Brooklyn was copacetic for some ribbing.

One follower wrote:

When u get ROASTED BY YOUR MOM [sic].

Someone else left a comment saying:

I would be SOO embarrassed if my mom posted that comment. [sic]

One person on Instagram left us with a disturbing image after they claimed Victoria and Brooklyn look very much alike… ‘sans moustache’.

Who knew Victoria Beckham had jokes? Can’t wait to see what she thinks of all his tattoos!

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