Chloe Khan Shows Off ‘Tiny Bloodstained’ Waist After Latest Cosmetic Surgery

Chloe KhanInstagram/chloe.khan

All the ‘celebrities’ these days are getting plastic surgery, and Chloe Khan is certainly no stranger to the knife.

But she has taken her body modification to a whole new level after getting a Brazilian Input Lift, whatever that is.

But in her Instagram post, which has since been deleted, a trickle of what looks like blood is visible through the bandage.

Chloe KhanInstagram/chloe.khan

She allegedly captioned the image:

I am blown away with everything. Can’t wait to show you my full results.

Having a few no makeup days and peaceful recovery. YouTube vid will be up soon. Thanks so much elite for my waist, hips and booty on fleck #BBL #Upgrade.

The reality TV star revealed her extreme curves after the procedure, exclaiming how happy she was with the outcome.

Apparently the procedure involves taking fat from unwanted parts of the body and injecting it strategically into the buttocks to make for a rounder derriere.

Chloe Khan

Sounds completely insane to me, but Chloe did not stop there.

She also indicated on her social media that she was getting a ‘designer vagina’ as well as her surgical enhancements.

She thankfully did not go into detail about what this entails.

After deleting the original Instagram post, she uploaded another snap of her with her newfound curves.

The glamour model is known for not being shy with showing off her body, and has been ridiculously open about how much work she has had done.

For this procedure, the 26-year-old had to go to Turkey, where a doctor would remove the fat before choosing the ‘purest’ fat and ‘processing’ it in order to re-inject it back into the bum.

Chloe KhanInstagram/chloe.khan

I have no idea why someone would get something like this done but if she feels good about herself then fair play to her.

She seems to be happy with it, and I’m sure her fans will be too.