Chris Evans’ Hilarious Reaction After Site Uses Photo Of Him With Moustache

by : Lucy Connolly on : 13 Feb 2019 21:07
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Have you ever seen a tagged photo of yourself on Facebook and immediately gone ‘NOPE, not today Satan’?


Disclaimer: I have. Sometimes the reality of what you look like after a few vinos or a bad hair day is just too much to handle, and hiding from the truth by untagging yourself is a much more desirable alternative.

So I can only imagine the pure horror of what being a celebrity entails; having unflattering photos of myself posted on the internet all day every day would be enough to make me hibernate for the rest of my life, I think.

But one celebrity who’s completely winning at life by owning his embarrassing picture is Chris Evans, aka Captain American and an all-round nice guy.


Everyone’s favourite all-American hero wasn’t too happy when ET Canada tweeted a news story about him yesterday (February 12), alongside a rather unflattering photo of the actor sporting a spectacularly large moustache. Sorry, Chris!

Rather than dig a hole and bury his head in embarrassment like I would’ve done though, Evans expressed his disdain in a hilariously self-deprecating way.

Take a look below:

Taking umbrage at the publication’s choice of photo – which, I think we can all agree is pretty questionable – the actor replied in the best way.

Addressing the publication, he wrote:

This is clearly an act of aggression. There are literally hundreds of photos to choose from. What did I ever do to you, Canada?

I feel ya Chris, I feel ya. And I’ve got to agree with him, what other reason would there be for bringing up his unfortunate facial hair, nearly a year after he last sported it?!


So why would Evans even bother with the tash in the first place if he didn’t like it, you might be thinking. Well, as all great actors do, he sometimes has to make sacrifices for his job.

The tash was no different; Evans grew it for a role in a Broadway play he was in last year called Lobby Hero – and it’s fair to say he wasn’t a huge fan of it.

When discussing his moustache with Seth Meyers in a Late Night interview, the actor said he got ‘moustache profiled’ a lot and referred to himself as looking like a cop or a porn star.

Take a look below:

Basically, it’s completely understandable for Evans to have a slight moment regarding the unfair moustache reminder and we should protect him at all costs.

You do you, Chris.

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