Christmas Eyebrows Are A Thing, Because 2018

by : UNILAD on : 26 Nov 2018 16:57
christmas tree eyebrowRachiecandice/Instagram

The festive season is fast approaching and so we are now seeing the return of Christmas eyebrows, a fashion trend which sleighed last year.

Beauty gurus are getting more creative year on year as they attempt to outdo each other to hit that Instagram trending page.


Last year they took things to a new level, well the North Pole to be exact, as make-up artists and at home gurus made sure their eyebrows were jingling all the way.

While some simply backcombed their eyebrows before painting them green to look like Christmas trees, others added glitter, gems and sequins to make them truly sparkle.


Either going above or beyond or executing a more delicate look, while this may not be a trend to go for when you are visiting your relatives, it is perfect for the office Christmas party.

Matched with a red lipstick and blushed cheeks, it would be difficult to look any more festive!

If you don’t fancy turning your eyebrows into glittering Christmas trees, you could always add a santa hat on top of one for a festive touch.


The miniature hats are really quite cute:

But why stop at a miniature? You could turn your whole eyebrow into a santa hat by painting it red adding a white fluffy bobble at the end.

Sleigh all the way:


To throwback to another trend which took over Instagram earlier this year, you could go for a more angelic look with halo brows.

An easy look, all you have to do is overdraw your eyebrows joining the two together on your forehead to look like a halo.

I say ‘look like a halo’, this is what blogger Hannah Lyne said she was going for.


Describing to her followers how she completed the look, Hannah wrote:

HALO BROW! Lollll. So me and Daisy were talking about the fishtail brow trend and then we came up with this.

Sleek Make-up vitality foundation in 04 and solstice highlight palette, Sosu by Suzanne Jackson Primark Dubai lashes, Nyx Cosmetics tame and frame brow pomade espresso.

A large number of people loved the look assisting with the post receiving over 5,700 likes at time of writing (November 26).

For more bizarre beauty and fashion trends, check out the video below:

Last year we saw one of the strangest trends when Nike brows became a thing. No seriously, they did.

Beauty guru Jessica shared a photo of her Nike brows which were undoubtedly bold.

She wrote to her followers:

People: leave the brows alone.
Me: nah ima just do it.
Maybelline eyestudio liner in blackest black.
Villain lashes in Medusa.
Brow goals.

I can’t wait to see what odd eyebrow trend is heading our way next!

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