Dateless Guy Takes Himself To Prom In Half Suit-Half Dress Outfit

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 02 May 2019 15:25
guy takes himself to prom in half suit-half dress outfitguy takes himself to prom in half suit-half dress outfitu/thecraftyb/Reddit

If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else, can I get an Amen?


You know, I know it, and 16-year-old Wyatt Cheatle knows it too. When Wyatt found himself without a date for prom, he didn’t take the next best thing, he took the best thing – himself.

The resourceful teen decided he’d be both partners for his date instead, this is 2019 after all. So Wyatt fashioned himself a half dress/half suit outfit and took himself to prom.

We’ve all faced the struggle trying to decided what outfit to wear, and I think Wyatt just found a solution.


The 16-year-old, from Brighton High School in Rochester, New York, created his outfit after he and his family were initially joking about him wearing a dress, but decided that he’d actually look pretty great in (half of) one. And he did.

Wyatt told the Democrat & Chronicle:

I decided to go myself, ’cause frankly it’s easier than finding out who’s going with who, or who’s not going. So I figured I’d be my own date, since I know myself better than any other person. I figured I’d have a good time.

With a little help from his mum Kelly, Wyatt created a look for the ages.

He added:

We went to Goodwill and picked up a bunch of different dresses to see what we could put together at home, and a nice shirt and black pants. My mom’s a genius.

Check it out:

guy creates half suit-half dress outfit for promguy creates half suit-half dress outfit for promu/thecraftyb/Reddit

Wyatt’s mum Kelly helped when it came to dismantling the old outfits and creating one new one, and she was so proud of their creation she took to Reddit to share the photos.

Cleverly titling her post ‘My son’s date for the prom was all right’, Kelly wrote:

So my son was flying solo to the prom, and decided that he’d be his own date. One thing led to another and the week before the big event, he decided rather than going with a boring old suit, we’d split the difference and send him in a half suit/half-dress.

guy takes himself to prom in half suit-half dress outfitguy takes himself to prom in half suit-half dress outfitu/thecraftyb/Reddit

She added:

After a mad dash to the local thrift store, lots of cutting and rearranging, we were done. Didn’t quite have time to find him shoes to match, but there’s always senior prom hahahaha.

Kelly said they were only going to share the photos with their friends and family, but as the outfit was received so well, and people were taking it so positively, she decided to share it further.

As one person commented:

That’s a young man with positivity and confidence. What a great idea. Took creativity and talent to put together. Well done.


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