Everybody Is Making The Same Joke About Meghan Markle’s Wimbledon Outfit

Meghan Markle WimbledonGetty

Meghan Markle attended Wimbledon today, (July 14) and all anyone can talk about is her outfit.


Considered to be a style icon with her clothing always on point, people were keen to see what The Duchess of Sussex would be wearing for the occasion.

Opting for a white and blue striped Ralph Lauren shirt, paired with white trousers, Meghan looked pretty chic as she cheered on her friend, Serena Williams, during the Women’s Final this afternoon.


Making her first appearance at a public engagement with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, without their husbands, Meghan looked relaxed while watching the action on court.

Although the majority of the reactions online to her outfit were positive, some people pointed out Meghan’s striped shirt was very similar to those worn by Wimbledon’s line judges.

Also designed by Ralph Lauren, line judges wear a blue and white striped shirt as well as a white skirt or white trousers, just like Meghan did today.

wimbledon line judgeGetty

People on Twitter were quick to point out the similarities, with one user writing:


Meghan Markle has come dressed as a line judge.

While another made this remark, (but loved the outfit nonetheless) tweeting:

Meghan looks super-chic, but also a little bit like a Wimbledon line judge?

Another person on social media thought Meghan’s outfit showed she was truly getting into the spirit of the tournament commenting:

Good of Meghan Markle to get into the spirit of things by dressing as a line judge!

Tweeter Valerie Selby thought Meghan looked ready to help out if she was needed writing:


I’ve just realised Meghan has gone dressed as a line judge, ready to help out at a moments notice.

I’m very pleased she is wearing trousers, it’s something you never see women of influence wear enough.

Well Meghan, we think you look fabulous, completely nailing the Wimbledon chic look!

Fans enjoyed seeing Meghan interacting with Kate, enjoying some girl time without their husbands, Prince Harry and Prince William.

Constantly giggling, the pair continually made each other laugh inbetween sets.

Body language expert Judi James told the Mirror Meghan looked to Kate for reassurance on how to behave.

James explained:

Although the women are the same age Kate’s royal experience shows as she takes the lead here, being shadowed closely by a rather low-key-looking Meghan.

Newbie Meghan’s desire to learn on the job shows from her face-checking trait as she keeps her eyes on Kate’s facial expression to gage mood and to mimic, but once the pair are in their seats Meghan’s hand gestures and facial expression suggest she could be trying to make Kate giggle in the same way that Harry has been doing for years.

While Kate is effortlessly regal, Meghan uses some pseudo-infantile techniques to adopt a lower-status, modest look, dipping her head as she performs a ‘baby-wave’ to the crowds and then using a hand-clapping clasp plus raised brows and wide eyes to signal almost childlike delight and enthusiasm from their seats.

James did add how the pair’s body language hinted at ‘the kind of friendship these two very different women might forge’.

We think Kate and Meghan are friendship goals already!

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