Everyone Thinks This Woman Is An Actual Barbie Doll


A model’s doll-like aesthetic has prompted Twitter users to suspend all sense of reality and lose their minds in a sea of heart eye emojis.

The South Sudanese model, Nyadak Thot, who goes by the nickname Duckie, has stunned the collective Internet with her good looks, spurring Twitter users to compare her to a barbie doll.

Duckie shared a photograph to social media, captioning it ‘Ducks after dark’, in which she sported make up and contact lenses that accentuated her already strikingly pretty features, emulating a doll-like look.

Between her flawless complexion and her poker-straight bangs, the Twittersphere was quick to recall Barbie, apparently so overwhelmed they ‘literally’ lost their grip on reality.

The onslaught of praise for Duckie was resounding:

Even Duckie’s friends got involved, sharing Barbie doll memes.

Once everyone had recovered from their confusion and adulation, Duckie got down from the pedestal we’d all put her on to share a funny, self-deprecating message.

Dismissing the ideals of ‘perfection’ Duckie wrote:

Thot was raised in Australia, and hit the mainstream when she participated in Australia’s Next Top Model, cycle eight.

Duckie’s striking features and fierce stare earned her a place in the finale below:

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The model has been a champion of diversity in the fashion industry, telling Teen Vogue:

It wasn’t easy for me growing up and not having any type of role model out in Australia, so I was super persistent until I got my foot in the door and did work.

Then, I came straight here because [in Australia], there’s a true lack of representation in the industry and I felt that personally, as a child. It’s not fun to feel that.

My driving force is that hopefully – well, they don’t necessarily look to me – but that black women in general need to be out there the way that other women are. It needs to happen for “us” already!

Next stop MILAN ✈️ Excited to work in Milan for the first time! ?

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Evidently, Duckie is making waves in fashion and – after many years of a white-washed Barbie franchise – models and public figures like her who aren’t afraid to critique a lack of diversity are helping broaden the lens focus of fashion and beauty ideals.

Bravo, Duckie.