Fried Chicken Drumstick Pants Are A Must-Have Item For 2019

Chicken drumstick pantsCieKen/Amazon

Rule the roost in 2019 with these new chicken drumstick trousers and eggs-ceed all eggs-pectations.

Ruffle the feathers of the fashion industry with the uniquely-shaped pants inspired by delicious fried chicken.

Maybe they’re perfect for a ‘hen’ night or an evening staying in the nest, but whatever you choose, just ‘pluck’ up the courage to try out this new trend.

Chicken drumstick leg pantsDemasei_/Twitter

Rumoured to have been invented by a designer in Kentucky, a story to which there may or may not be a ‘colonel’ of truth, the pants have made a huge comeback online.

Available for the ‘poultry’ sum of $6.99, you can get your hands on orange stretchy trousers on Amazon from retailer CieKen.

The description online reads:

The most chic Chicken leg pants – very popular in Instagram and Facebook.

It reminds me of the KFC Chicken leg. You can look like carrots, crispy chips or the back of a horse, etc. All you can imagine.

Consider to get two item, one for yourself and one for your best friend, it is a surprise gift for your friends or family on Thanksgiving day.

There are very few types of outfits that any one of us can carry perfectly but harem pants are surely one of them, Harem pants with Sneakers is one of the most simple, comfortable outfits.

Chicken leg pantsCieKen/Amazon

The pants, made from a cotton blend and imported from Asia, are described as ‘perfect for those carefree days’.

People online are unsure what they think about the new style.

Veronica Merrell wrote:

“Fried Chicken Leg Pants”… these ads keep showing up on my Pinterest and idk how to feel about them

I’m not sure what the future holds for this new style, but I guess we’ll just have to ‘wing’ it.

Whatever the occasions, the pants are sure to get you soaring up the social pecking order.

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