Full Body Nicolas Cage Catsuit Is The Look We’ve All Been Waiting For

by : Francesca Donovan on : 03 May 2017 16:44

National Treasure, Nicolas Cage has a face that launched a thousand memes.


His expressive eyes and charmingly weak chin express the perpetual anxiety and instability of the human condition like no other Hollywood legend has done before (IDST).

So, how in the name of Zeus’s butthole can you best summarise so much acting skill in one piece of Nicolas Cage nostalgia? You emblazon his face all over a skintight Lycra morph suit…Of course.

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In case you missed it, the Morphsuit is the millennial answer to lazy Halloween costumes: the modern take on catsuits of yesteryear, through which you can breath and drink while remaining entirely anonymous and avoiding people you don’t like at parties.


In short; the most important fashion movement of our time.

And, back in 2013 the UK-based company hosted a competition to create a customer-designed suit, where social media users voted for the best design any Tom, Dick or Harry could muster up on Microsoft Paint.

The winner of the DIY Hween13 Design Comp is this. You voted for it, we'll make it. We'll have a sample for a test drive…

Posted by Morphsuits on Wednesday, 11 September 2013

So, frankly, it’s no surprise that 3,000 voters dubbed this incredibly low-res montage of the many faces of Nick Cage the pattern they most wanted hugging to their nether regions.

True to their word, Morphsuit created a limited edition run of the ‘Cage Morph’ – which has pretty much been perpetually sold out ever since – and put it on sale for £35.99.


If this Morphsuit had an acronym – as Nick himself does in Kiss Of Death – it would certainly be B.A.D.: Balls, Attitude, Direction.

While the Cage Morph might not represent a symbol of individuality, our a belief in personal freedom (a la Wild at Heart), it is certain to get you a few free pints from fellow Cage enthusiasts at festivals this summer.


His Gone In 60 Seconds character, Roger, appears on the Morphsuit twice…

But, as we all know, two Rogers don’t make a right.

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