Fury Over New Nike Trainers For Women That ‘Look Like An Iron’

by : Lee Bennett on : 14 Jun 2019 15:36
Nike women's trainers criticised iron Nike women's trainers criticised iron Nike

Social media users aren’t happy with Nike’s latest design for a pair of women’s trainers, with many mocking the brand online


Nike has come under fire after an online debate was sparked by users who think the new Nike Air Max FF 720 resemble a typical household item.

The new sports trainers, sponsored by England footballer Fran Kirby, have been compared to an iron – and in true millennial fashion, the internet is not best pleased about it. Shocker!

Some social media commenters believe the trainers closely resemble the household appliance and are furious about the message this potentially sends, despite endorsements from Kirby and tennis player Laura Robson.


A tweet posted by SneakersNews.com has now gone viral, with over 4,400 likes – and many consumers voicing their opinions on the announcement.

Due for release on June 20, the new Air Max design has a cut-out oval centre, with clear plastic soles. Apparently that was enough to get the twitterverse into a bit of a tizz.

SneakerNews.com confirmed the Air Max FF 720 release date, while adding:

It’s unquestionably safe to say that the new Air Max FF 720 for women is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

You can certainly say that again!


However, while some social media users are outraged at the questionable design, most are just mocking them.

One twitter user quipped the popular sports brand had created a new invention for wearers to heat their iron by running: ‘Presenting Women’s Nike Air Max FF 720. It converts the mechanical and kinetic energy generated when you jog/run to heat the iron. #invention’

With a second mocking the Nike planning meeting where the new trainer design was approved:

Meeting at NIKE headquarters: Man 1: What elements should we be inspired by to make the next women’s shoes? Man 2: Let’s take inspiration from their favourite places! Man 1: OMG THATS GENIUS!!! Tadaaaaaa Nike Air Max! Inspired by the common laundry iron jeezus it’s ugly.

Another joked: ‘Fill That B*tch Up With Water Coz That Looks Like The ‘Nike Air Max Iron Steamers.’’

The backlash comes two months after another Nike gaffe which saw a woman with hairy arms on an Instagram ad.

Fans of the brand were shocked and appalled that the global sporting giant was suggesting women needed to shave their armpits.


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