Gen Z Is Embracing Emo Culture But In A Much More Inclusive Way


Gen Z Is Embracing Emo Culture But In A Much More Inclusive Way yasminesumman/Instagram/pinkshiftmd

You may think that sweeping fringes and pitch-black rings of eyeliner are remnants of the past, but emo culture is back in a big way among members of Gen Z.

Although many will have been too young to remember the release of Fall Out Boy’s From Under the Cork Tree, Gen Z’rs are now embracing the sounds and style of ’00s emo culture, with All Time Low, Paramore and Green Day being throwback favourites among the TikTok generation.


It would appear that this is no simple nostalgia-fest dredged up from older siblings’ Mp3 players. Plenty of new music has a distinct pop punk flavour to it, with Machine Gun Kelly’s 2020 album Tickets to My Downfall having the feel of something flung up from the golden days of MySpace.

This time around however, as per a report in Buzzfeed News, emo culture is far more diverse and inclusive.


One example of this is Fever 333, an emo rock band that uses imagery from the Black Panther Party to express their political views.

Speaking with Buzzfeed News, lead singer Jason Aalon Butler opened up about the band’s mission to break down barriers within what is often, inaccurately, viewed to be a predominantly white genre.

Butler, who has reportedly been part of the alternative community since childhood, said:

I want to make sure that our fans understand that no matter what they look like, no matter who they are, there is an open invitation for them to join. For them to become patrons of Fever 333 activity and music and messaging.

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Butler went on the emphasise that the community has always been diverse, explaining:

So for me personally, it’s all about representing (Black) culture in this alternative music but also trying to represent the culture as it is because rock music is Black music. … It started with Black people.

[…] It’s a refresher course every time I step into the booth or get onstage. It’s to remind people rock music is Black music. We’ve been here.


As someone who is still quite partial to a bit of Panic! At The Disco, it’s good to see that the emo spirit is still going strong.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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    Gen Z Is Bringing Emo Back, But This Time It’s Not Just A Bunch Of White Dudes

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