Harry Potter Hogwarts Combat Boots Exist

harry potter combat bootsIneffable Shop

Every witch and wizard should own some Harry Potter merchandise and let’s be honest, there’s a lot out there.

From robes, to wands, to cushions and stationary, and even handbags, the choice is endless, but the best item I’ve seen so far are these pretty awesome Harry Potter combat boots.

And yes, they do look as good as you’d hoped:

harry potter combat bootsIneffable Shop

The online website, Ineffable Shop, has released a series of Harry Potter themed boots which represent each of the Hogwarts houses.

The boots, are of course, in line with their respective house’s colours, so the Slytherin boots are green and silver, while the Ravenclaw shoes are blue and bronze.

The crest of each house also features on the boots, alongside words which respect the qualities members of that house should possess.

So the Gryffindor boots have ‘Bravery, Daring, Chivalry, and Courage’ written on them, while for the Slytherin pair adorn the words, ‘Cunning, Ambitious, Determined, and Leadership’.

The Ravenclaw shoes have ‘Intelligence, Wisdom, Creativity, and Originality’ on them, and the Hufflepuff ones nod to ‘Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty, and Friendship’.

No matter which house you pick, the boots would normally set you back £102.00, although right now, at time of writing (January 5), they’re half price which means they currently only cost £62.00. Bargain.

While you’re online and doing your shopping, you may also want to check out the Lego website, as they’re selling a Hogwarts castle – their biggest Harry Potter set yet!

Comprising of 6,020 individual pieces, the set is Lego’s most accurate creation of the Hogwarts castle ever, meaning you can have the whole school of witchcraft and wizardry in your living room – and not just through a television screen!

You may need to save up though as it’ll cost you a whopping £349.99, but hey, since you can’t actually go to Hogwarts, why not have your own version in your house?

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