Here Are Some Seriously Creative Halloween Costume Ideas


@mattcyborgelt has a ridiculously amazing costume, as usual #tinder #halloween #vegas

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It’s safe to say that no one else will have thought of these original ideas from creative Redditers.

The Tinder outfit is particularly impressive, showcasing everyone’s biggest fear…rejection.

After this many Halloweens, I didn’t think anything could surprise me, but here we have it!

This would just be so inconvenient if you wanted to move…

Remember when this was the naughtiest thing you did on your computer?

Actual sloths!

This one is seriously cool. The bottom half definitely gets the back end of the deal though.

And if you want to break the Internet (and your back)…

I’m tempted to have kids just so they can do this…

Jon Snow White is another freaky idea someone came up with (open to interpretation).

Go forth and revolutionise your Halloween!