These Are The Weird Items Inside The Gift Bags The Oscar Nominees Were Given

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2017 15:18

As if Hollywood’s elite don’t earn enough, they bagged themselves a pricey Oscars goody bag to top it all off.


Every year, exclusive bags of swag are put together to spoil the nominees at the prestigious ceremony, regardless of whether they score a gong or not.

The price of these costly goody bags is vast, reaching over $100k  – presumably per bag – stocked full of awesome stuff, according to Business Insider.

Even though the bags have a pretty hefty price-tag, not all of the treats inside are what you might consider ‘luxurious’.


Of course some are every bit as glamorous as you might think, but some of the surprises in store are frankly pretty ‘normal’ or even quite strange.

Business Insider were lucky enough to take a peek inside and found the products bestowed upon the A-listers, ranged from the lavish to the obscure.

The most expensive of goodies inside included spa stays in exotic locations such as California and Italy, as well as tickets for a three-night, private range stay by the Pacific Ocean.

There were some pricey gadgets in there too, including a kit to transform your home into a ‘smart home’, as well as the standard (although much more luxurious than your average) chocolates and body creams.

A few bizarre items cropped up in there, including good old-fashioned chapsticks, apples, (who wants apples in their goody bag?) a CPR kit, a book about hair and cellulite massage pads.

By far the weirdest was the pelvic floor trainer though.


Not exactly what springs to mind for a glamorous goody bag but there you go.

I would definitely pick the exotic hotel stays or even the apples over that, but each to their own.

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