Here’s Why Amish Men Have Beards But Shave Their Moustaches


Ever wondered why the Amish keep their great big bushy beards but shave off their moustaches? Well it’s all to do with World War One.

According to YouTube Channel Today I Found Outduring the Great War elaborate moustaches, like the ones you see in hipster bars, were very popular with men in the military – in fact up until 1916 British soldiers were banned from shaving their upper lip.

In opposition to this the Amish – who are pacifists, and didn’t want to associate themselves with fighting – barred their members from growing moustaches.

Ivan McClellan

Despite moustaches falling out of style with men the Amish have maintained the tradition and still don’t grow them. Their beards on the other hand are another story.

The Amish grow their beards because they’re common in the bible, but not everyone’s allowed to grow their facial hair – only married men to celebrate their transition into adulthood.

Fun bonus fact – the idea to let soldiers grow out their moustaches or whiskers may come from the British occupation of India where facial hair’s associated with masculinity, power and wisdom.

You learn something new everyday.