Instagram Fitness Model Gets Called Out For Sharing Picture Of ‘Cellulite’

by : Emily Brown on : 30 May 2019 17:06
Instagram model criticised for sharing picture of celluliteTammy Hembrow/Instagram

An Instagram fitness model is being criticised on social media for sharing a video of her seemingly non-existent cellulite. 

25-year-old Tammy Hembrow regularly shares photographs of herself in bikinis, and more often than not is met with hundreds of compliments from her 9.5 million followers.


Although she rarely shares pictures of her working out, Tammy clearly keeps herself in good shape and often promotes fitness brands. The Aussie star was apparently also the inspiration behind Khloe Kardashian’s body transformation.

Instagram fitness modelTammy Hembrow/Instagram

Body confidence is presumably a big ‘must’ in her line of work, and earlier this week the model encouraged women to embrace their cellulite. However the positive message became the target for a lot of backlash.

She shared a post of herself showing off her bum, and wrote:


Poolside bod check w my @womensbest bcaas before I hit the gym! Nuthinnnnn wrong with a lil cellulite ladies ! Most of us have it.

Although body positivity is usually embraced and encouraged, especially on social media, many of Tammy’s followers argued there was no evidence of cellulite in the post.

Take a look here:

Instagram model criticised for posting picture of 'cellulite'Tammy Hembrow/Instagram

One follower commented:

Cellulite ??? Don’t see any here

While another wrote:

I know you’re joking about having cellulite.

Instagram fitness model Tammy HembrowTammy Hembrow/Instagram

However, although some followers were critical of her caption, others complimented and reiterated Tammy’s message.

One approving follower wrote:

Yessss ! We all have it and should all embrace it you look amazing !

Instagram fitness model Tammy HembrowTammy Hembrow/Instagram

It’s hard to say whether the model does have cellulite or not – I’m sure it would be easy to miss in photos – but there’s no point in judging Tammy for simply sharing some encouraging words.

Reminding people to embrace their bodies, no matter what they look like, is only a good thing, and is definitely something we should all do more!

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Tammy Hembrow/Instagram
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