Instagram Influencer’s Hair Falls Out During Livestream After Using Bleach

by : Emily Brown on : 01 Jul 2019 17:10
Influencer left bald after using hair relaxerLori Faith/YouTube

An Instagram influencer has been left bald after her hair fell out as a result of using relaxer after bleach. 

Lori Faith’s 55K followers are used to seeing the 18-year-old with different hairstyles as she regularly posts photos with her locks dyed a variety of colours.


For the most part she changes her look out of choice but last week the influencer was left shocked as a series of events led to her hair coming out in clumps.

Watch the disaster unfold here:

Lori explained she’d bleached her hair before dying it blue a few days earlier but despite the warnings she had telling her to wait a few weeks before using relaxer the 18-year-old was said she was ‘impatient’ and decided to do it anyway.


Relaxer is a lotion or cream which reduces the hair’s natural curl and chemically alters the texture with the intention of making it easier to straighten and manage.

Unfortunately, however, the product didn’t react well to Lori’s bleached hair and rather than making her hair smoother it removed it altogether.

As the teenager started to comb the cream through her hair, she noticed it start to come out in big lumps – as did all the followers watching the scene live on Instagram.


The influencer might have been able to claim the change in style was intentional if only it hadn’t been for the telling Instagram Live.

Lori rushed to the bathroom to dowse her head in water but unfortunately the damage had been done and she was left with a smooth scalp.

Following the not-so-relaxing relaxer event the 18-year-old took to Instagram to pay tribute to her lost locks by creating a compilation of photos showing off all the different colours she’d had in the past.


She explained she’d ‘never thought’ she would go bald but the incident seemed to be a blessing in disguise as the influencer added she can now let her hair grow naturally.

Faith added her mother, who made an appearance in the livestream, has been bald since the age of 11.

Influencer left bald after using hair relaxerLori Faith/YouTube

She went on to warn other people against making the same mistake she did, saying:


It’s not a bad thing ’cause there’s a lot of people that are bald, not by choice.

Don’t put a relaxer in bleached hair, don’t even put relaxer at all unless you’re professional, because this is what you will look like.

Lori’s followers were quick to comment on the situation and many said they loved her new look, intentional or not.

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Lori Faith/YouTube
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