Instagram Model Gets Doctor To Check Her Butt Is Real

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instagram model with doctor checking if her butt is realdaisykeech/Instagram

As more and more people are called out on social media for editing their photos, one model has gone to the extreme to prove she’s all real.

These days, it can sometimes feel more important to look good online than in real life. (Or should I say IRL if we we’re online, we which are, I think… though that’s the point, isn’t it? Where do we draw the line between what’s real and what we post online and call real, even if it’s edited? It’s blurry at the best of times, but when ‘influencers’ try to sell their edited lifestyle, how do we know what’s real?)


While some people post fake holiday snaps to look rich, others fake being rich to post posh holiday snaps.


In a bid to prove she’s definitely not fake and is 100 per cent like totally real or whatever, 19-year-old Instagrammer Daisy Keech enlisted the help of a ‘renowned’ plastic surgeon to scientifically prove her bum is real and not, as some followers have suggested, fake.

The model and the doctor posted the video, naturally, to Instagram, showing Daisy standing in front of Dr Ghavami in her underwear, as he examines her posterior and confirms it’s not real.



He says:

I have a natural young athletic female, who has a genetically blessed body. A lot of people are hating on you saying your butt’s not real on IG. I am going to certify it as a buttocks that is real.

Her buttocks has a lot of firmness to it, good volume. I don’t see any skin changes that means she’s had anything artificial injected. I don’t see any little incisions that point to fat transfer.

For reference, here’s a before and after picture from Daisy:


Continuing to confirm that’s she’s young and athletic, the doctor says:

She has 19-year-old tight, tight skin, and she does hip thrusts. She eats a really well-rounded diet. And she does mostly bulk muscle training.

So all of that, her youth, and all of this points to the fact that this is a real buttock. It’s certified Ghavami-real.

You can watch it here:


Now, if only I could find a doctor to confirm the holiday I took to Hawaii last week was definitely real and not just a Photoshopped day dream as I scrolled through Google Earth…

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