Latest Nipple Craze Shows Fashion Has Gone Too Far

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One minute we’re supposed to be freeing the nipple, and the next, the fashion police are telling us to lather them in glitter.

If you’re struggling to keep up, let me tell you about the latest fad trend to hit the catwalk. It’s a sticky subject that looks like a bitch to rub off: glitter nipples.

When model, Binx Walton stormed down the Saint Lauren runway in a black leather asymmetric dress, revealing her sparkly areolas at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, she started something surreal.

Binx Walton Saint Laurent Glitter NipplesGetty

The model shared a detail shot of her glitter nipple on Instagram.

…And it looks like her pal really likes the sparkly additions to Binx’s anatomy.

Binx is not alone; Saint Laurent have been glittering models’ nipples left, right and centre in their campaigns.

The trend has trickled down into fashion bloggers’ Instagrams too.

Pie and Fash demonstrates the impractical, but admittedly, very petty ‘disco tits’.

Holidaisy 2: Return Of The Disco Tits ✨ #discotits

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At least she’ll avoid getting burnt nipples and dodgy tan lines on her holidays.

I'm a high maintenance beach-going accessoriser, part 1. (Alternative caption: Four eyes.) #discotits

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Although, I must say, the all-seeing eye nipple covers are really rather unsettling.

Shine bright like a diam…anté @ruth_melbourne nipple pastie.

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Disclaimer: I had a spray tan prior to this holidaisy.

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Bloggers have been inspired by the theatricality of Burlesque and global stage performers such as Miley Cyrus, who’s not afraid to get her nipples out for the world to see.

She recently wore glitter stick-on patches over her breasts on American chat show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The diamante patches, if anything, are comparatively ample coverage for the Bangerz singer, who’s a staunch supported of the ‘Free The Nipple’ social movement.

Missing dis today….. In da mood to dress like an adult bb and sang muah ❤️ out

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It's almost Friday yallllll!!!!

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Miley gets her Swarovski-studded nipple adornments, known as ‘pasties’, from British fashion brand, Ruth Melbourne.

The London-based designer said:

Girls are wearing them with plunge neck dresses, on beaches with bikini bottoms and at show girl performances. I see it becoming a global trend; it’s not just a London thing!

Other models and artists, like Carmen Carrera and Obenewa have endorsed the brand, using the beautiful pieces to promote various causes from LGBT to feminism.

ASOS and American brand, Cheeky Cheetah also sell the pasties, which are apparently glued onto nipples using spirit gum adhesive. Sexy.

Even Miley’s mate Baddie Winkle – the world’s most badass, pro weed grandma – is getting in on the act.

The trend has proved a hit at festivals throughout the summer, being incorporated into body art – or even used in place of a top, for those who want to pack light.

Glitter nipples might be a dress up dream, but they’re not the best for smuggling raisins when it gets a bit chilly.

This fad might be just for the desert.

A lot of women are posting their glitter nipples to social media, sending messages of empowerment to others to embrace their bodies and love their figures.

Post show pastie selfie #pastie #nipples #glitternipples #burlesqueshow #inkedgirls #tattoos #nude

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The trend is reminiscent of tiny glitter balls and, for brave fashion-conscious individuals, certainly makes a statement.

It's a revolution baby! #glitternipples #dirtyfeminist

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Even the guys are getting involved, proving how diverse and unisex glitter nips really are.

#glitternips #glittergugu @giulianadavar @andrewstroud86

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? #honorroll #proudmom #demondays #glitternips #melanin #blackbeauty #whoisshe #cozcon #?

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Thank you Reading for making me this mess xo

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While they are rather beautiful, and at time can be empoweing, I really hope glitter nips don’t catch on as a legitimate fashion choice. Fingers crossed the fad stops at the catwalk and Burning Man.

In the meantime, Saint Laurent, stop trying to make glitter nipples happen!