Louis Vuitton Is Launching A $900 Face Visor

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Louis Vuitton Is Launching A £750 Face VisorLouis Vuitton

Face coverings are intended to help protect you against viruses like COVID-19, but Louis Vuitton is trying to prove that you can be both safe and fashionable by launching an over $900 (£750) visor. 

The designer visor is probably more suited to the runway than your local supermarket, but if you have a few hundred pounds to spare then I suppose there’s no harm in shopping in style!


The see-through shield features engraved golden studs and a photochromatic visor that changes from clear to dark in sunlight, helping to keep the bright light off your face while simultaneously protecting you from catching diseases.

Louis Vuitton visorLouis Vuitton

In true Louis Vuitton fashion, the shield also boasts a monogram strap and trim that make clear that this is no ordinary visor.

While face masks and social distancing are necessary to help stem the spread of coronavirus at the moment, we have to hope that the measures won’t last forever, and LV has covered all the bases in case visors become unnecessary in the future.


Face Mask Restrictions Begin Next Week Following New Covid Strain Omicron, Sajid Javid Confirms

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With one swift movement, the visor can turn into a cap, meaning it can be a lifelong investment no matter what the future holds for us.

When it comes to Louis Vuitton accessories, this two-in-one visor is actually quite a good deal because it comes in at the same cost as the brand’s Strawgram Visor, which doesn’t have any of the face-covering, protective qualities as the shield.

I’m not sure how many people will fork out for the designer accessory when they could get something that does the same job for a fraction of the price, but the visor launches next month for those looking to protect themselves Louis Vuitton-style.


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