‘Man Braids’ Are Here, Do Exactly What They Say On The Tin


It’s official, ‘man braids’ have landed and they are definitely dividing opinions.

Evolving from the ‘man bun’, the style has made its way into male hipster fashion just 15 short years after ‘Legolas’ first appeared in the Lord of the Rings movies.

But is it a good thing?

Footballers seem to like it.

As do many millennial social media users…


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But The style has come in for some online criticism too…


Sorry Donna, it seems it is already too late.

The trouble with ‘man braids’ is two-fold.

Firstly, it suddenly sees men take credit for a style women have rocked for far longer, and far better I might add. It is just a braid.

Secondly, it just isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing look. It’s ridiculous, in all honesty.

Fair play to any man who does spend hours on YouTube painstakingly learning how to put a plait in place, and kudos for the commitment to growing your hair.

However, attempting to claim the braid as a ‘man’ style doesn’t seem all that fair at all, does it?