Marvel Release Ugly Christmas Jumpers For 2018

Marvel Jumpers 2018 are here.Marvel

Christmas is coming, The Hulk is getting fat, don’t put an infinity stone in Thanos’s hat.

And the impending festive season means that you are bound by law to throw on the lumpiest, spangliest jumper in your wardrobe. For true festive fashionistas, this should be ideally dressed up with a paper cracker crown and a tinsel scarf.

As we all know, Christmas is all about celebrating your nearest and dearest. And so what if your particular list of loved ones includes every single one of the Avengers?

It’s been a rollercoaster year in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what better way to raise a glass of sherry to those dearly disintegrated than to chuck on a chunky knit in their honour?

Luckily for you, official Marvel Christmas Sweaters/Jumpers have landed, and they are a bunch of woolly wonders whether you call them sweaters or jumpers.

Whether you prefer Iron Man or Thor, Spider-Man or Black Panther, there’s a jumper out there ready to sing your fandom louder and prouder than a choir full of cosplayers.

Unfortunately, some superhero names are missing, including Black Widow and Hawkeye and – surprisingly – super villain of the year Thanos.

I mean, I guess nobody really wants to contemplate the nihilistic destruction of the entire universe at their office Christmas party, but it would still be nice to have the choice if you do. Sort it out, Marvel!

Each jumper will set you back £36.99, which is pretty good considering the quality, design and cosiness. Definitely an investment for those times when you will be trudging through the snow on a gloomy December morning.

Online reviews for these jumpers have been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers praising the look and feel of the knitwear. Honestly, with these eye-catching prints, ‘ugly sweater’ is an unfair description.

One satisfied customer – who opted for the Guardians of the Galaxy jumper – said:

I love this sweater and am wearing it at this very moment. The sweater is very well made, and is an actual woven sweater – not a printed picture on sweatshirt material.

I also love the colours. Most superhero garments are done in reds, but this purple and blue combo is really nice.

I also purchased the Thor sweater and was just as pleased. I will definitely order more from this seller. Absolutely worth the price and it arrived quickly.

One proud owner of a Captain America jumper declared:

My first Christmas jumper and now my favourite jumper: period. Cozy, comfortable, great colour, and a really fun conversation piece showing my interests and holiday spirit!

You can purchase your very own official Marvel jumper here, perfect for getting wrapped up sensibly for the Christmas markets.

Seriously, you always forget how darn chilly those things get until your teeth are chattering like a demonic nutcracker over a mulled wine and mini pancake combo.

It’s time to stick some fairy lights on your Groot and get online shopping.

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