Men Everywhere Are Stealing Their Girlfriends’ Hoodies In The Name Of Equality

by : Francesca Donovan on : 02 Oct 2016 17:49

Okay, so I have a confession to make… I’m a thief.

I admit it. I regularly borrow (read: steal) my boyfriend’s jumpers, hoodies, and occasionally his tracksuit bottoms.


And I’m not alone. There’s an epidemic of women nabbing their partner’s oversized clothes, particularly now the weather has begun to cool.

One guy – who’s presumably angry because he’s perpetually chilly – has had enough, so he has launched a preemptive defensive campaign on Twitter.

The social movement encourages men to take their own hoodies – and their civil right to bear garms – back.


As an added dose of sweet revenge, he suggests men steal their partner’s hoodies while they’re at it to teach the women of the world a valuable lesson in sharing.

The hilarious campaign is the brainchild of Godswill Muofhe – incidentally, the guy who also conceived of one of my all time favourite pseudo feminist memes.

I applaud his observational skills and social media savvy. The amateur Twitter comedian and creator of totally dank memes is actually a 21-year old full-time student from Houston, Texas.


He told the Independent:

I started the hashtag as a joke because I noticed that a lot of girls were tweeting about stealing their boyfriend’s hoodie, since the weather got a bit colder.

Typically the boyfriend buys a hoodie and the girlfriend takes it and never returns it, and men are left cold and hoodie-less.

He added:


This movement allows men and women to equally exchange hoodies on an even playing field.

Also, the hashtag pushes the envelope for toxic masculinity. It’s funny to see men wearing their girlfriend’s clothes and not being seen as less of a man.

The satirical men’s rights activist, who goes by @YoungAdolf_ on Twitter, has received tonnes of support for his #TakeHerHoodie movement.


His admirers have been sharing pictures of themselves in their girlfriend’s garments, with varying degrees of style and flair.


But clearly the campaign has only just begun.

Muofhe said:

I’m extremely worried that women will find a different item of their boyfriend’s to steal. I’ve gotten messages from girls telling me that if we take their hoodies, then they will take our videos games, basketball shorts, and dress shirts.

So, the war for true equality rages on.

At least we’ll all be warm, because it looks like ceasefire is a long way off.

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