Microwavable Slippers Exist And They’re The Cosiest Thing Ever

fluffy slippersIntelex

In a move that’s just going to give you an extra reason to stay in this winter, one company has created microwavable slippers.

Yes you read that right, just before you say ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ these guys have beat you to it and won the comfort game.

See ya later, social life. Adios any activities anywhere, not today, for I am microwaving my slippers, putting them on my feet and never moving from my sofa ever again.

There are many iconic couplings out there – Mick and Keith, gin and juice, Turner and Hooch – but slippers and microwaves? That’s straight outta left field, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work.

However, before you go chucking your old, worn down tartans in the microwave, think again – that rubber sole isn’t going to last long in the heat.

Instead, get yourself a pair of Warmies, specially designed to be totally toastie after 90 seconds in the microwave.

Intelex, the company behind the design, say:

Simply warm these luxury slippers in a microwave for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Scented with relaxing lavender these slippers are great for tired and aching feet. Fits adult sizes 6-10.

Lavender scented as well? You better believe it.

Make sure you don’t go over those 90 seconds in the microwave though, as one reviewer who ignored the instructions found out the hard way:

My wife loved the slippers. They were very warm and cozy and comfortable.

Unfortunately, the slippers burned after 1 minute 50 seconds in the microwave. However, customer service was excellent and I am getting a replacement pair, and will lower the microwave time.

Always read the instructions, folks. Microwaving a pair of slippers is an exact science, and not something to be taken lightly.

Another reviewer, who wisely stuck to the recommended guidelines, said:

These slippers are so much nicer than I expected! They are super soft and silky with just the right amount of grain. They’re not super heavy with it but there is still enough to heat the slippers well and provide a nice feel. The seller shipped them very quickly. I’m very happy!

And how can you not be happy when you’ve got the toastiest feet in town? Also, I reckon they’d look pretty sweet paired with your best Christmas jumper. And seeing as it’s been predicted that the UK is set for the coldest winter in a decade this year, these cosy slippers might just be the ticket.

Let’s face it, now that Halloween is out the way, Christmas is rapidly approaching. It may still be November, but let’s just embrace the festive season.

And what goes hand in hand with snuggling down in your toasty slippers for an evening in? Chocolate. Or, more specifically, a tin of Christmas chocolate.

This year, someone at John Lewis at the cracking idea to let customers pick and mix their own tins of chocolate, to make sure you don’t get that weird period after the holiday when it’s nothing but empty wrappers and rubbish chocolate left in the tin.

Christmas just keeps getting better.

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