Miss Italy Contestant Sent Death Threats For Outfit Worn During Final

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jan 2018 15:27

A beauty queen has received death threats after she posed with her six-month-old daughter in a swimsuit in front of judges. 


Miss Italy contestant Alessia Spagnulo felt the brawn of online hatred after saying she was proud of being the first hopeful to compete with a baby.

One person said she ‘deserved to die for this’ while another called Alessia –  a woman carrying a baby born through natural means – ‘unnatural’.

24-year-old Alessia said she was ‘really upset’ over the abuse levelled at her.


She said:

I have never felt this kind of violence before but I am refusing to respond.

I have put on 2kg since I was pregnant, but they are the most beautiful 2kg I have ever put on.

My message to other mothers is that your dreams can come true even if you have a child and the 1,000 tasks that come with it.

Spagnulo allegedly decided to bring her daughter Chloe to the preliminary heats of the contest as she had no childcare. He partner works in a paper factory and her mother is a nurse.

Fellow contestants at the Rome event offered to take care of Chloe while Alessia took to the stage but she politely declined.

Judges shortlisted her and 17 others out of the 130 competitors to go through to the next round.

Patrizia Mirigliani, the organiser of the contest, said ‘happy to give everyone this opportunity’ and ‘reward beauty and talent.’


Spagnulo had previously worked as a shop assistant but was laid off after she became pregnant.

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    HOUNDED FOR BEING A MUM Miss Italy contestant Alessia Spagnulo gets death threats for parading in swimming costume with her baby in a sling in pageant final