Model Arrested For Wearing Miniskirt During Snapchat Video

by : UNILAD on : 16 Jul 2017 16:34
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We’ve all been there at a tourist attraction in the baking heat in our shorts and sunglasses, thinking of colder times.


But a Saudi model has come under fire for doing just that while walking around a Saudi Arabian village.

The woman, known as ‘Khulood’ is being investigated by the Saudi authorities after the video showed her strolling through the village of Ushaiqer.

The country has strict clothing laws for both men and women in public – women must wear an abaya, a loose fitting cloak designed to go over regular clothing which covers nearly all of a woman’s body.


Many women also choose to cover their hair and faces with other clothing, though this is not necessarily required.

Khulood’s snap caused a storm on Twitter, with many saying she should be punished for ignoring the country’s modesty laws.

Many saw it as a cause for celebration of a woman liberating herself from a patriarchal legal system that puts an undue burden on women to be ‘moral’.

Many also called out on the double standard of not allowing local women to wear what they want, while praising First lady Melania Trump for her outfit choices when she visited the country with her husband Donald in May.

The Saudi religious police, known as The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, has issued a Twitter statement saying that they are aware of the incident and are working with the various authorities.

As one Twitter user pointed out, is there really actually any harm in what she’s done considering the place is empty?


It’s important to respect the laws of a country that you are in, the main issue in 2017 is one of personal freedom.

It’s hard to believe in this day and age, any government is telling anyone how to dress, and putting it under the banner of virtue.

The same goes for France, who have banned the wearing of many religious garments that cover or partially cover the face.

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Can’t governments just leave the clothing choices to the people who want to wear them?

Surely they have better stuff to be getting on with?

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