Model Gets Hilariously Trolled By His Sister And Nephew

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Apr 2018 19:40
babyandthebody / Instagram

A cheeky sister has found the perfect way to troll her photogenic brother, and it is downright freaking adorable.


29-year-old model Aristotle Polites is every bit as handsome and chiselled as his name might suggest. And his Instagram fully reflects this; choc-a-block with shirtless pics and lens melting stares.

We all have a good looking friend who needs to be gently brought down to earth a little every once in a while, if only to prevent them falling head over heels with their own reflection.

Luckily for Aristotle, he has something guaranteed to keep his beautiful self grounded: a big sister. And she has quite possibly the sweetest little boy you have ever seen.


Big sis Katina Behm creatively recreates Aristotle’s Instagram pics with the help of toddler Augie; dressing and posing the bundle of cuteness to look just like his uber-stylish uncle.

Aspiring speech-language pathologist Katina began placing piccys of the pair side by side, asking family members, ‘who wore it better?’ (Spoiler alert: Augie knocks it out of the park fashion-wise every time.)

The family loved this gentle ribbing, and so Katina decided to up the game, sharing the stylish double act with the world through your new favourite Instagram account, babyandthebody.

With 67.6k followers – even more than the 58.6k followers of Aristotle’s actual Instagram page – the world has fallen in love with this hilarious family.

Speaking with UNILAD, Katina said:


The idea came when one day I was having a hard time buttoning up Augie’s shirt. I left it opened and laughed because he looked like he belonged on the cover of romance novel.

Then I thought Aris probably has a picture just like it on his Instagram so I dug around and found one to do the side by side with. I sent it to family and they all found it hilarious.

She added:

My family is big, loud and Greek! There’s lots of love but we also like to roast each other any chance we get so naturally, everyone loved the side by sides so I continued to do them just for family at first.

Then I started to share with friends in social media and was inspired to make an entire account when after 12 weeks friends were telling me they were sharing the photos with their friend and colleagues.

Katina added how her and Aristotle’s 88-year-old grandma gets particularly excited for the latest babyandthebody updates, despite not having a social media presence herself.

Katina explained:

My 88 yo grandmother doesn’t have social media (shocking, I know) but she does have email. Since it’s inception, I email her the pictures on Sunday night and give her a call.

She loves getting “an exclusive sneak peek” before anyone else and I love listening to her laugh on the other end.

She calls my grandfather into the room and they laugh together. It really is one of the most special things about making these pictures, that I get to bring her so much joy each week.

She added:

We’re a pretty close family but I do feel like I keep in touch when Aris more because I share some outtakes with him before I post them or we talk about articles that have been written.


Katina also spoke about the popularity of the much loved Instagram, which has resonated with people from all over the world:

The responses on the account have been very positive! I monitor the comments closely and have only had to delete 2 which is pretty impressive with over 70k followers and almost 70 weeks of posts!

If it wasn’t received with such positivity, I probably wouldn’t be doing it but I love being the reason people get a Monday Morning chuckle.

I can’t say that I expected the account to resonate with so many cultures. Articles have been written in many countries and the account has followers from all over the world.

She added:

I knew my family and friends would love the pictures because they know Augie and/or Aris but it’s nice to see the pictures are universally funny to others as well. Humor can really bring people together!

Fortunately, Aristotle find the teasing highly amusing, telling Today:

I’m perfectly fine with her making fun of me,

I thought it was hilarious.

He added:

I’m always laughing imagining the scenario of her trying to get Augie to do what she wants him to do,

It’s funny how much effort I can tell she has to put in to find matching clothing.

Katina updates the Instagram account on a weekly basis, and pint-sized Augie is an absolute pro.

One fan recently commented:

This Instagram always makes me happy. Always. Thanks! And it’s always a toss up who wore it better.

Another said:

Both smiles can brighten up a day and both are handsome

babyandthebody / Instagram

Despite his youth, he has already mastered such looks as ‘pensive chic’ and ‘too cool for nursery-school’. That’s Augie, in case you’re wondering.

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