Model Has Perfect Response After Catching Woman Creeping On Him

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Apr 2018 21:06

One of the few drawbacks of being a famous, good looking model must surely be fans taking a picture of your gorgeousness without your permission.


For America’s Next Top Model champion Nyle DiMarco, even something as humdrum as hopping on public transport can bring him to the centre of attention.

Sitting opposite him in the same Manhattan bound carriage was Brazilian jiujitsu trainer Loiba, who couldn’t believe her eyes at the sight of the super stylish model and deaf activist.

Loiba knew she recognised the chiselled passenger from somewhere but she couldn’t quite place him. So she cunningly decided to snap some sneaky pics to research him later…


Speaking with UNILAD, Loiba confessed:

I thought Nyle was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t know who he was at that time but that he somehow looked familiar.

I took pics to look him up later.

Now – as we all hopefully know – taking secret pictures of famous passengers can lead to trouble, rugged yet classic good looks or not.

And naughty Loiba was about to learn this in a hilarious way after she made contact with Nyle through his official Facebook fan page.

Posting her sly pictures of him, she complimented:

If this is you, you are very handsome in person!

Nyle DiMarco/Facebook

Little did Loiba know, former Dancing With The Stars winner Nyle also had Ninja style snapping skills.

In an unexpected turn of events, the 28-year-old fashionista replied to her with a cheeky confession of his own.

Much to his fans’ amusement, Nyle wrote the following response, accompanied by a photograph he had taken of Loiba without her knowledge:

Yes I knew you were taking pics of me. Thank you love!

The photograph showed a blissfully unaware Loiba beaming from ear to ear as she captured her pictures of Nyle. Her expression is all too relatable to anyone who has ever spotted a famous crush out in public.

Nyle DiMarco/Facebook

Even though you should always be careful when it comes to invading a celeb’s privacy, Nyle luckily appeared to find the entire incident hilarious.

Talking with UNILAD, Nyle revealed:

It’s not the first time that has happened.

When I saw her taking pictures of me and then moving for a better angle, I wanted to pull a Cole Sprouse and play with her a little bit. He has a hilarious series of photos of fans taking photos of him while he takes photos of them.

I’m a friendly person, but with the language barrier it can get a little awkward to tell people it’s ok to ask for a selfie. Feel free to ask though, I won’t bite!

Nyle shared the pics with his 295,000 followers, who also found the series of events to be greatly amusing and extremely relatable.


One person sighed:

Life goal: see Nyle DiMarco on the subway one time.

Another chuckled:

If I was there I will snap more than one.

Loiba told UNILAD:

I would never have thought this would go viral.

At first I was overwhelmed with the comments in the story but I find it hilarious and amusing.

‘It’s surreal but nice’… quoting from Hugh Grant’s character in Notting Hill movie.

Will these snap-happy travellers cross paths again?

Provided by Loiba

Lesson learned: be careful which celebs you spy on!

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