Model Says She ‘Doesn’t Give Instagram To Black People’

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Feb 2018 19:07

Two photographers have accused a model of exhibiting racist behaviour during London Fashion Week 2018.


After having her photograph taken on the street by black photographers Abdiwali Samatar and David Nyanzi, model Anastasiya Zayika reportedly made racist remarks.

After the photographers asked for details of her Instagram handle, Zayika allegedly refused, stating: ‘I don’t give my Instagram to black people.’

The incident reportedly happened on the fourth day of London Fashion Week.


Samatar took to Instagram on Monday to warn others about the model’s alleged behaviour, posting the following message along with a picture of Zayika:

Day 4 of London fashion week

I came across of this lady @ana.staciya and took a picture of her today and then I asked her for her Instagram her reply was disgusting.

She said to me ‘I DONT GIVE MY INSTAGRAM TO BLACK PEOPLE’ she also refused to give her Instagram to another Black photographer @davidnyanzi

I don’t post negative things on my Instagram but had to. So other Black Photographers or any other Black People be aware of this racist lady and I hope she don’t say that to any Black person again. [sic]

Nyanzi also shared his account of the alleged incident, claiming Zayika had been fine with sharing her Instagram details with a non black photographer:

‘I don’t give my Instagram to black people.’ @ana.staciya

So the craziest thing happened this morning outside the shows.

My friend @abdiwali_samatar and I took a picture of this lady and asked for her Instagram.

That was her reply to the both of us, but she was happy to share it with another non-black photographer.

Zayika – who’s since deleted her Instagram account – has denied the allegations, accusing the photographers of lying for the purposes of career advancement.

Posting a photograph which displayed the word racism crossed out, Zayika wrote:

A photographer, during London fashion week had taken my picture and asked to have my Instagram name, I politely explained to him my Instagram is private and I rather not disclose it.


Zayika, who is represented by Spot 6, has denied the assertion she harbours racist beliefs, stating:

I have no racist bone in my body and immerse myself in an industry that has shown so much diversity and culture.

I continue to work with all walks of talents and am a firm believer of equality. [sic]

The model has also hinted she may pursue legal action over these claims, which she’s described as being ‘complete slander.’

People have responded with shock and disappointment following the allegations made against Zayika.

One person commented:


Another said: ‘Someone needs a lesson on equality.’


Racism within the fashion industry has been a hot topic in recent years.

Back in 2015, model Ashley B. Chew sparked discussion after painting a large tote bag with the words ‘Black Models Matter.’


Speaking with Fashionista, Chew said:

People don’t realise it but the fashion industry is really cut-throat. People will tell you straight up if they don’t want black models or natural hair. Skin pigmentation doesn’t matter either.

Light, medium or dark — you’re going to be treated as black. I feel this is why ‘Black Models Matter’ created such a buzz, because it’s been an issue for awhile. There’s nothing worse than getting turned down for your natural composition.

Watch iconic model Naomi Campbell discuss her thoughts on racism in the fashion industry below:

[ooyala autoplay=”true” player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ auto=”true” width=”854″ height=”480″ pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”xzcGVmZTE6TqpyxEr7TlnXaA2-j0shE6″]

I spoke with Angel Sinclair from Models of Diversity about the issue of racism within the fashion industry with a particular focus on professional photographers..

Angel told UNILAD:

Number one: when that story went public, her [Zayika’s] agency should have sacked her. They should have taken her off the books. Period.

This isn’t something new though. Black photographers do get, it is a harder deal for them. When you go to London Fashion Week and you look at the press pit, it’s spot the black.

You go to any major fashion event, do you know what I see? I see a pool full of white photographers but you always see the blacks, freelance photographers, hanging about outside, trying to get the shot with the general public.

Angel added:

I’ve spoken to a guy that I know is a paparazzi and I spoke to him about this incident, and what he said to me was, ‘Angel, we get it all the time.’

But he said, ‘do you know what? We get it from celebrities too.’

UNILAD has reached out to Zayika’s modelling agency Spot 6 for comment.

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