Newsreader Mocked For Wearing ‘Penis’ Jacket On Air

Samantha Heathwood wearing jacketChannel Nine

I imagine, if your job is to appear on live television everyday, your wardrobe needs to be full of options so it doesn’t look like you wear the same thing over and over.

I also imagine that, barring the use of a certain green that’ll make a weatherman disappear when they’re standing in front of their weather map, most outfits don’t get screen tested because, well, what would be the point.

Do the newsreaders pick their own outfits? Or a wardrobe assistant or someone? I’m over-thinking it, I know, they’ll probably just grab an outfit that looks appropriate to read the news and then read the news in that appropriate outfit.

One newsreader in Australia grabbed a jacket that, to her, looked completely normal and fine to read the news in. It was a green, zip-up type thing with an interesting design for collar. Not too quirky, not too boring, very newsreader-y.

Except, thanks to the combination of the collar’s outline and the top she was wearing underneath the jacket – and the colour of the jacket’s zip matching that top – some viewers saw something different. And now I can’t unsee it, and neither can anyone else.

It’s a penis, right? The outline of a big ol’ cock and balls around her neck. The colour and position of the zipper certainly isn’t helping things either.

Natarsha Belling wearing jacketTen News

The fashion faux-pas was made by Samantha Heathwood on Australia’s Channel Nine.

Funnily enough, however, she’s not the first newsreader to make this mistake. Natarsha Belling also wore the jacket while on air in 2015. While TV Tonight points out that newsreaders Georgina Lewis and Sharon Ghidella have also worn the questionable item. What are the chances?!

Sharon Ghidella wearing jacketTen News

Is there a shortage of jackets for newsreaders in Australia or something?

Georgina Lewis wearing jacketTen News

I wonder how many more times this item of clothing will be worn until someone tells the news anchors?

Also, I wonder how many more times people will see the outline of a penis and feel the need to point it out. For some reason, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it.

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