No One Can Believe How Old This Taiwanese Designer Really Is


This is Lure Hsu, an interior designer and Internet star from Taiwan, whose appearence is deceptively a-Lure-ing (sorry).

How so? Because Lure is 41-years-old. Yeah, I know.

Apparently her secret is drinking A LOT of water and eating gargantuan portions of vegetables. She added that the only thing she drinks besides water is black coffee, reports the Daily Mail.

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Lure shot to fame thanks to her younger sister, who’s an actress in Taiwan, when she shared a photo of Lure on Facebook for her 40th.

Immediately the majority of people who saw the post were gobsmacked that what appeared to be a fashionable teen was actually a 40-year-old woman.

Now her Instagram boasts an impressive 234,000 followers with thousands immediately liking any snap she uploads to the site.

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The boring side of things is that Lure also tries to avoid foods that have strong flavours such as spice because of their ‘high energy level’.

She also remembers to pile on the sun cream in summer because ‘tanned skin becomes dry’ causing wrinkles to come out.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Lure looks in another 20 years!