No One Can Work Out How Old These Sisters Really Are


These three Taiwanese sisters are blowing up the internet with their timeless looks.

Lure, FayFay, and Sharon Hsu have all gained an extraordinary amount of followers on their social media accounts after Lure appeared on an entertainment show two years ago, her age taking the audience by surprise.

Shockingly, Lure Hsu is 41, FayFay celebrated her 40th birthday just a few days ago, and their sister Sharon – a famous celebrity and model in Taiwan – is 36-years-old.


According to FayFay, their genes are to thank for their ageless looks – pictured above (middle) is the sisters mum, who is 61-years-old.

FayFay told MailOnline that growing up, their mother has always been “incredible youthful looking”, and it is clear that this is still the case for her.

Luckily, Lure Hsu told Friday Magazine some helpful tips for staying young:

Moisturising is so important – in fact, ageing, fine lines and other skin problems moisturising can reduce.

Lure also suggests that sun keeps the skin healthy, but to avoid pro-longed exposure, and to always wear sunscreen. And that eating less meat and more fibre, plenty of exercise, and drinking lots of water help aid skin ageing. But most importantly, Lure says that the most effective way to stay looking young is to be happy, she tells Friday Magazine that “the main thing is the mood!”

So unless you’re planning on stumbling on the fountain of youth any time soon, this seems like pretty good advice…