Nose Warmers Now Exist For People Who Are Always Cold

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Nose warmersThe Nose Warmer Company

Some people are just perpetually cold, and one part of the body which is quite hard to wrap up is the nose, but our prayers have been answered and our struggles are over, because nose warmers actually exist. 

Autumn is well and truly upon us, and the cold weather is making us all reach for hats, gloves and anything else to help keep our bodies as concealed and warm as possible.


While it’s fairly easy to cover up exposed hands, necks and heads, the nose has always provided some difficulty. Maybe it’s poor circulation or just the fact that it sticks out that extra few centimetres, but for some reason, they just never seem to get warm.

You could squash yourself down into a scarf to prevent the cold air from hitting your nose, or perhaps just risk looking like a robber and wear a full balaclava – or you could invest in the brilliant (and admittedly, quite funny-looking) invention that is the nose warmer.

Just think of it as a tiny hat for your schnoz.


The clever design secures a warm piece of material to your face while leaving your eyes and mouth delightfully unobstructed, meaning you can still enjoy perks of cold weather like comfort foods and hot chocolate, all while having a warm nose.

Created by The Nose Warmer Company, the products come in a range of designs so there’s a nose warmer for every occasion.

You could get one in your favourite animal print, opt for a fluffy faux fur one, or even represent your favourite sports team with a ‘team colours’ knitted nose warmer.


The website explains:

Our business started small, with one nose warmer made specifically to do the job of warming up a nippy nose! Our owner soon realised that she wasn’t the only one with this problem and so ……


We love warming up the nippy noses of the nation (and the world). Do you suffer with a cold nose? Well, no longer…. Here is the answer! [sic]

Don’t suffer a cold nose any longer, grab yourself a nose warmer and snuggle up on those cold winter nights.

The protective nose-covers start at just £7.50 and have free delivery in the UK, which is a small price to pay for the knowledge of never having to worry about having a cold nose again.


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Sure, you might look a little weird, but when your nose is nice and toasty while everyone else is wandering around looking like Rudolph you’ll be the most envied person around.

Well… you’ll at least get a lot of attention.

Nose warmersThe Nose Warmer Company

The invention could do more than just keeping your nose warm, too. According to the Nose Warmer Company website Dr Hilary Jones recommends wearing the nose warmer to prevent catching colds and germs – it really is the perfect all-around winter garment.


Get your hands on one before the temperature drops any further!

If enough of us buy them, it’ll just be the people without them who look odd for not having a colourful, knitted nose accessory. Shop the wide range of nose warmers here.

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