Once Again QVC Prove They’ve Perfected The Art Of Going Viral


qvc natasa malbasa

Yet another long-suffering QVC model has fallen foul of the totally top-quality products sold on the TV shopping channel.

Lingerie model Natasa Malbasa, was thrown into the spotlight by the internet when some rather bad lighting revealed her nipples live on air.

The model donned a lilac bodysuit, designed to enhance women’s curves… Not show the outline of her nipples to the tens of people who were presumably watching QVC at that moment in time.

Unfortunately, for Malbasa, the segment has now gone viral, thanks to some pervy individuals on the web who have uploaded the video of her ‘dangerous curves’ to YouTube. We can only assume they came across the video as they were shopping for their own body-shaping undergarments?

This isn’t the first time QVC have filmed a model live on TV with an embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunction‘. It’s almost as if they’re using their models’ bodies to boost sales.


QVC viewers are known to be rather judgemental. Only last week darts walk-on girl Sammi Marsh-Wade was berated for her ‘mismatched’ nipples.

Maybe if these individuals had some experience with female nipples IRL they wouldn’t be so shocked by the sight of women’s boobs in underwear.