Penis Earrings And Necklaces Are Now A Thing

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It’s 2018, so why not go out wearing a beautiful set of penis earrings complete with a matching necklace?

Well, if it sounds right up your street, French fashion house and world-class designer Yves Saint Laurent, has got the jewellery set for you.


The company just launched a matching set featuring detailed penises made from patinated golden brass, which dangle from a chain.

For an added touch of class, the penises have ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ engraved on the back.

penis earrings YSLpenis earrings YSLYves Saint Laurent

To be honest, considering the jewellery set is genitalia-themed, it’s both quite delicate and pretty, but unfortunately, it comes at a cost.


If you fancy picking up the earrings, it will set you back £215 while the necklace costs a hefty £520.

This means, the complete set overall costs a whopping £735 – which is a lot to pay to have mini penises dangling from your ears and neck!

But hey, they are made from 100 per cent brass don’t you know!

penis necklace YSLpenis necklace YSLYves Saint Laurent

The jewellery received quite the mixed reaction online as many didn’t know what to make of the unusual design.

One person commented:

IDK what’s worse, the person wearing brass penis earrings or the fact that they are charging you 345 dollars for the luxury of wearing penis earrings…. [sic]


One woman was unimpressed by the new design tweeting:

Why is YSL designing penis jewelry, are running out of ideas. I think this is a new low for them. Just my opinion!!! [sic]

Another user was simply taken aback writing:


YSL really ?? Penis necklaces… Earrings?!! [sic]

One fashion fan meanwhile was desperate to get her hands on them:

Where do i get the ysl penis earrings and necklace i WANT RHEM [sic]

IF you did want the items, unfortunately it looks like you may have missed your chance, as according to the Yves Saint Laurent website the items are sold out.

And it doesn’t look like they’re coming back either being currently listed as ‘not available’. Still, you may be able to find them in a store but I’d hurry as they’re clearly very popular!

If you did manage to pick up the set and fancy making all of your outfit of the day genitalia themed, well we can point you in the direction of another item.

Last month, luxury fashion house Fendi released a ‘touch of fur shawl’ which, and I am not exaggerating here, looks like a vagina.

No, seriously, check it out:

touch of fur shawltouch of fur shawlFendi

For just £750 you can look like a lovely set of labia complete of course with pubic hair, which I’m sure many trendsetters will tell you is totally worth the money.

Made from 100 per cent fox fur, 40 per cent wool and 60 per cent silk, Fendi describes the item as follows:

Fendi are famous for their delicate foulards and outfit accenting scarves. Expect to see delicately monogrammed print work and rich colourways.

Crafted from fox fur and a silk-wool blend, this Touch Of Fur shawl features a fur trim and a signature FF motif design.

Made in Italy.

The price tag did include VAT so I suppose you could say you bagged yourself a bargain.

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