People Are Going Crazy Over These ‘Louis Vuitton’ Braids


No matter how many designer handbags, purses, or belts you might have, these days – apparently – you’re not on trend unless you have designer hair.

I’m not one to often go for a designer accessory – mostly because I can’t afford them – but I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the prospect of having Louis Vuitton hair braids.

While the high-end company haven’t actually launched hair salons, or started selling wigs patterned with the classic LV logo, a graphic designer from Columbus, Ohio came up with a way to showcase the brand through his locks:

27-year-old graphic designer Magnus Juliano shared pictures of his expensive-looking hairstyle on Instagram, and while it’s not a look everyone could pull off, he looked like he’d fit right in at an extravagant Louis Vuitton fashion show.

Using a 3D printer, Juliano created a collection of large, colourful Louis Vuitton logos, and enlisted hairstylist Ciera Jackson to style his hair in box braids, before threading colourful beads and the logos in. The creative man’s head was turned into a designer masterpiece.

The accessories might have weighed his head down a bit, but being stylish isn’t always convenient.

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Juliano shared his designs on social media on New Years Day and tagged Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Virgil Abloh in the post. Using his picture as a visual CV, he asked the employee for an internship.

He wrote:

Hey @virgilabloh can I earn an internship? I have ideas!

The graphic designer shared a range of photos, each offering a different view of his braids, which were completed either with the interlocking LV monogram, or one of the floral icons which famously adorn the brand’s logo bags.

In an interview with Vogue the 27-year-old revealed he’d actually first had the creative idea in June last year, but due to the intricate designs he was looking to create, it took six months for his vision to become a reality.

He explained:

I failed in production a few times, so I had to keep restarting again and again. It was discouraging and I almost walked away from it, but [fortunately] I regrouped.

Juliano collaborated with 3-D-printing collective Eat Crow Studio, which was cofounded by Juliano’s former college professor Sarah Crowell, and her husband John, to create the hair accessories.

The graphic designer went on to explain how Louis Vuitton’s artistic director was an inspiration to him, saying:

Virgil, a brilliant black streetwear creative, is helming one of the biggest fashion houses in history. That representation makes me feel like the sky is the limit!

Juliano’s pictures were met with a lot of praise as people went crazy over his impressive hairdo, with complimentary comments flooding his Instagram.

One person wrote:

I can’t get over the brilliance here.

While another tagged Abloh and commented:

hire him! This is fire

Hopefully Juliano will be rewarded with a job after showcasing his creative designs!

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