Plus Size Model Left Standing In Underwear On Cannes Red Carpet

Plus sized model left in underwear at CannesCEN

A plus-sized model was left as red as her dress after the train of her gown was ripped away, revealing her underwear.

Yulia Rybakova, from Russia, had been strutting down the (also red) carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, posing for photographs at the jam packed event. She looked every inch the star as she beamed for the cameras while playing with her long, auburn hair.

However, Yulia was left embarrassed when a passerby stepped on the back of her evening gown, tearing the skirt away from her body with apparent ease. The poor model was left baring her – fortunately matching – knickers as amused onlookers looked on.

At first, the bodacious fashionista appeared blissfully unaware of the wardrobe malfunction, stepping forward a few paces while continuing to grin broadly. However, when the realisation dawned, Yulia’s eyes widened with shock, her catwalk-ready pout agape.

Video footage showed the curvaceous model bending to retrieve the pesky skirt from the floor. Luckily, a good samaritan quickly scooped it up, covering the young woman and – with surprising expertise – making sure it was fastened properly.

All the while, Yulia clapped her hands to her mouth, giggling with apparent embarrassment. Once her dress was properly secured, she continued her saunter down the red carpet; long train still flowing precariously behind her.

Plus sized model left in underwear at CannesCEN

Fortunately, Yulia appeared to find the incident amusing, posting the following comments on her Instagram:

I’m basically in my repertoire, only such incidents happen to me.
Could it have happened that something is worse? After my suitcase was lost with all the things … Natalia Rasskazova stitched in less than a day to me a new 2 dresses, and Tanya sent me a parcel with goods of cargo to Cannes from Moscow and of course without fitting …

And I’m like a girl who never wore dresses with a train, kept telling the whole way in the car, but it will not come off, how will I walk with them there?

Many fans offered words of support, with plenty admiring her composure under such mortifying circumstances.

One person commented:

Yulia, you’ve done well, did not get confused, but began to sparkle with their unique smile. A man who stepped on the edge, it would not hurt to teach good manners, so that this will not happen again, even if it was accidental.

Plus sized model left in underwear at CannesCEN

However, not everybody was sure about Yulia’s apparent shock and dismay, with some believing this rude reveal was merely a way to gain extra media publicity.

One person said, ‘This really looks like a set up’ while another dismissed it as being ‘such a cheap trick.’

Another said:

It can be seen what was planned! So this fake.

Plus sized model left in underwear at CannesCEN

Yulia has previously released a track called Putin under the nickname Lady Fortuna, on her album Leaders.

This, erm, interesting song includes the following lyrics:

In the most troubled moments

He came to rule his people!

And nobody believed in his success, but he was just doing his job!

The years go by and the country gets rich!

Once again, Russia believes in its strength!

For the president of our homeland, there is no obstacle or failure – he is without fear!

Perhaps Yulia was inspired by her beloved ‘fearless’ ruler when continuing defiantly down the red carpet after her saucy slip-up?

Plus sized model left in underwear at CannesCEN

What do you think? Facepalm moment or not so subtle bid for attention?

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