Primark Release Entire Alice In Wonderland Range And It’s Super Cheap

by : Tim Horner on : 15 Feb 2018 20:50
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As if there wasn’t enough reasons to love high street bargain store Primark, they’ve only gone and released a load of Alice In Wonderland accessories – get the hell out of my way to the rabbit hole!


Primark posted a pic on Instagram teasing the new goods and fans have been getting very excited about the possibililty of having some Alice and co. inspired items in their lives.

The post picked up 80,000 likes in the first 24 hours of being online and fans are tagging friends in the comments section like crazy:

The range, starting at just five English pounds, includes gems such as a White Rabbit purse with a fluffy tail for the zip, a glittery ‘Drink Me’ purse and a Mad Hatter collectable with the crazy little bunny fella inside his hat – which from the looks of it could double as a purse.


In case none of those satiate your taste for a purse then maybe a Cheshire Cat with sparkly nose will make you purr?

You can’t move for heart-filled eye emojis and @ tags in the comments section of the post, as well as requests for the shiny things to be available on sale in the United States.


You’ll want to get your skates on or you’ll be late, very late, for a very important date if scenes in Primark last March were anything to go by.

Customers were furious at the high street store after many couldn’t buy Beauty and the Beast Chip mugs, which went on sale for £5 and were claimed to be flogged off on ebay for as much as £40, according to The Sun.

Shannon, a mum of two, shopping for gifts for her daughters said:

I queued for two hours when they were released and saw two members of staff walking around asking colleagues how many they wanted.

When I’d asked before a member of staff said they weren’t allowed to have any, so I don’t know how they could have run out that quickly?

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How many sickies will there be tomorrow morning?

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