Prosecco Obsessed Bride Creates Wedding Dress Which Holds 50 Glasses

Bride wears custom made prosecco dress.Deadline News

A bride with a penchant for fizz declared her undying love for prosecco on her wedding day, with a dress which sparkled in more ways than one.

38-year-old Kerry McMillan, from Edinburgh, dazzled on her big day, with a gown which celebrated her favourite beverage.

Determined to give a uniquely personal touch to her wedding reception drinks, creative hair salon owner Kerry had a custom-made ‘gown’ which could hold 50 prosecco flutes. And it made quite a splash with her guests.

Bride wears custom made prosecco dress.Deadline News

This marvelous metal masterpiece was inspired by one of Kerry’s clients, who showed her a similar sort of frame and got her thinking.

Kerry’s idea for a metal frame ‘dress’ capable of holding flutes was brought to life by a blacksmith, who initially expressed concerns that the project would prove too difficult.

Fortunately, the smithy was able to weave true wedding magic from metal, skillfully crafting the 30kg frame in time for the wedding reception. Kerry was thrilled with the result.

Bride wears custom made prosecco dress.Deadline News

The ballgown-shaped metal frame itself has four rows, with hooks specially made to hold the prosecco flutes.

A gap at the back allowed Kerry to step into the gown, and to chat with her guests as they headed for some post-vow sparkles.

Kerry said:

It was fantastic, it’s much more personal than just sticking a table full of prosecco and letting guests grab one.

You just stand in it while they grab a glass and you can speak to them.

She added:

We had little messages and plaques hanging from it and it made it really special.

Bride wears custom made prosecco dress.Deadline News

Now Kerry is keen to share this fun take on wedding day hiccups with other brides-to-be, renting out the fizz-filled frame for £100 a day.

She has explained:

I asked the hotel if they wanted to keep it, but they didn’t have the space. And I didn’t want to leave it behind or just having it sitting in the house.

I hope other brides will be able to enjoy it themselves too, I don’t want it to go to waste.

Bride wears custom made prosecco dressDeadline News

Others on social media with a fondness for prosecco have been impressed by Kerry’s quirky gown, and are already eyeing it up for themselves.

One woman gasped, ‘yes, yes, yes!’ while another chuckled, ‘I should walk in to my first dance with this’.

Do these frames also come in the shape of going-out jeans? Asking for a friend…

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