Putting Tea Bags In Your Sweaty Trainers Will Stop Them Smelling, Apparently

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I’m personally delighted about the sunny weather we’ve been having, which has allowed me to finally chuck my raincoat in the back of the wardrobe.

However, there are some fairly grim (arm) pitfalls when it comes to keeping on trend when the sun’s out.


From sweat patches to soggy scalps, blazing summer days don’t always equate to feeling crisp. And this is before we even begin discussing the rancid stinkiness of gym trainers in July…

Like many people in their twenties, I pretty much live in a pair of old Converse. Although I would like to think my plates of meat stay fragrant whatever the weather, my nostrils would admittedly beg to differ.

Luckily, the ‘Queen of Clean’ Lynsey Crombie has offered a ingeniously simple solution which will keep your shoes smelling as fresh as a seaside breeze.


Taking to her popular Instagram account, the 40-year-old Cambridgeshire cleaning guru advised her followers to pop a tea bag in their shoes to ward off foul foot odour, proving there’s nothing a good cuppa can’t solve.

Lynsey wrote:

An oldie but a goodie today especially as the weather is heating up and there is nothing worse than smelly shoes.

Pop a few tea bags inside your smelly shoes to fight off bad odours that are caused by heat and bacteria. Leave to sit over night in a warm dry place. The longer you leave the better.


Personally, I’m PG Tips all the way, but apparently it doesn’t matter what sort of brew you’ve got in your cupboard.

As Lynsey explained to her 149,000 followers:

Any tea bags will work even the minty herbal ones. Tea bags are super absorbent and will suck the moisturiser and smell right out.

To save waste make sure you reuse the ones from your shoes for other household tasks. Tea bags actually have lots of uses from cleaning marks of windows and mirrors to fertilising your plants.

As always, fans were impressed by Lynsey’s inventive take on cleaning, describing this as ‘brilliant’ and a ‘fab tip’.


One wowed person commented:

I love all these little tips that you do. So many of them that my grandmother taught me that I forgot and now going back to the natural cleaning.. instead of so many chemicals.. thank you.

Lynsey’s Instagram page is a goldmine of gems for the houseproud and thrifty. However, there is more to the cleaning whizz’s story than meets the eye.


As reported by ITV News, Lynsey opened up earlier this year about finding out her ex-husband was a paedophile while she was pregnant with her twin daughters.


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published at7 months ago

Following this horrific discovery, Lynsey developed a cleaning obsession in a bid to ‘wash away the badness’. This obsessive preoccupation led to her blacking out from the amount of chemicals she was using.

Nowadays, she takes a much more natural approach to cleaning, sharing her eco-friendly housework journey with her growing fanbase.

Lynsey has now even had a book published, full of inspirational wisdom to keep your home sparkling without all those nasty chemicals. Definitely one for the Amazon wish list.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues, and want to speak to someone in confidence regarding the welfare of a child contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000. If you are a child seeking advice and support call Childline for free on 0800 1111.

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