Ralph Lauren Is Selling £620 Overalls With Paint Already On Them


Ralph Lauren Is Selling £620 Overalls Covered In Fake Paint SplatsRalph Lauren

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘working hard, or hardly working?, but you won’t be asked this while wearing Ralph Lauren’s news overalls.

The fashion house has released the new overalls that are covered in paint and they pretty much look like something your Dad has owned for decades.


The blue one-piece has white splatters all over it and looking very worn down – perfect for a decorator who’s new on the job but wants to look like they’ve been doing it for years.

Ralph Lauren

But, despite the overalls appearing like it’s made of denim, it’s actually made of Japanese cotton satin which probably explains why it will set you back an eye-watering £620 to buy.

Despite the material not being as expected, the rest of the one-piece has features you would expect to find on traditional overalls including a full zip front and lots of pockets including a ‘tool pocket’ on the right leg of the suit (not that you’d want to put a heavy-weight, sharp tool in a Japanese cotton satin pocket).


People took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the expensive piece. One person begged the question, ‘Who actually buys this sh*t?’ to which someone replied, ‘People with more money than sense’.

Someone else made a good point saying, ‘Maybe actually graft and someone will pay you £600+ to make them look like that!’

Another Twitter user wrote, ‘Isn’t that the outfit the dude from Halloween wore? Does it include the mask?’ I mean, it could make a pretty good Halloween costume if you have £620 to spare…


One guy joked that he’s selling his Adidas sambas that he has worn while plastering and renovating his house for £300.

Ralph Lauren isn’t alone in selling worn down-esque clothes for extortionate prices. Last month, fellow fashion house Gucci debuted some grass stained jeans for £600 ($773).


The product description for the jeans reads:

Channelling the Fall Winter 2020 collection’s grunge vibe, this wide-leg denim pant is crafted from organic cotton specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect.

Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary.

You’ll be unsurprised to know this item of clothing also went down like a led balloon on social media. One person said, ‘Gucci is gone mad with these grass stained jeans. £600 when I can do it for free in my garden?????’

Someone else joked, ‘How did it take so long for this to become a thing? My entire wardrobe just became more valuable!’

Looks like scruffy is the new chic, folks.

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