River Island Launches Matching Mum And Daughter Outfits

twinning range River Island.River Island/Instagram

Every little girl thinks their mum is the coolest chick on the planet.

I still remember the excitement of stepping into my mum’s high heels during dressing up time, or sneaking a squirt of her perfume and feeling like a glamorous movie star.

Admittedly, I still look up to my beautiful mum for fashion inspiration and still can’t quite carry off a nice dress with the same ladylike elegance.

Now though, River Island have launched a new mother-daughter clothing range, which is as adorable as it is stylish; perfect for mums and daughters who are also besties.

Designed by former One Direction hair stylist, Lou Teasdale, and mummy blogger, Emi Ozmen, this 12-piece collection has plenty in the way of 70’s patterns, sassy slogans and on-trend denim.

The collection has been christened Silver & Lux x River Island, inspired by the names of their respective daughters, Silver and Lux.

According to the description on the River Island website:

Twinning is winning, but especially when it’s with your mini me! We’re super excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with mini influencers Silver & Lux!

Co-designed by their achingly cool mums, celebrity hair stylist Lou Teasdale and Bleach founder and mummy blogger Emi Ozmen, the 12-piece collection is just what you and your little one have been waiting for!

From cheeky slogan tees and the hero denim two-piece to floral tracksuits and cute co-ords in 70s-approved prints, it’s time to get matchy-matchy in more ways than one.

Prices begin at a purse-friendly £8 for a kid’s T-shirt, going up to £55 for an adult’s blue tape sleeve cropped denim jacket.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the collection, Lou and Emi said:

We wanted to design a twinning collection that wasn’t cheesy to wear. It’s our guilty pleasure twinning with the girls but it’s hard to find cool or vintage styles.

We have always loved vintage clothing so we’ve taken a lot of the patterns and colours from the 70s.

We needed things that worked for both us and the kids and very much wanted the girls to be ‘mini us’s’, not us as giant kids obviously.

We had a big brainstorm and sent each other all our fave mum and daughter looks and we both loved little flares and slogan t-shirts so it was really clear we wanted the collaboration to have quite a retro and 70’s feel.

When asked about which mum and daughter pairings they want to see rocking their collection, Lou opted for Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte, while Emi admitted to having a ‘mum crush’ on Gwen Stefani and her children.

Meanwhile, mums on social media are loving this fun new collection, with one person describing it as ‘creative and beautiful’.

Check out the tweets below:

However, plenty of parents are also keen to join in, with one fashionable father enquiring:

I’m male, I have a little girl, can we not have matching clothes?

Make it happen River Island, there’s plenty of stylish fathers out there too!

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