Salon Blames Woman For Botched Haircut Because They ‘Didn’t Know What She Wanted’

Danni Draper/Facebook

I was 19 and decided a thick block fringe was the way to go for my small, slightly rounded face.

The hairdresser cut it so short it stuck out from my forehead like scrubbing brush bristles. I was mortified and felt like the woman from the noughties era National Accident Helpline advert.

So I could genuinely empathise with 26-year-old Danni Draper’s ‘do disaster after she visited a salon for what she believed would be a trendy concave bob.

However, the Queensland based sales representative was left with butchered locks; with a noticeable chunk of hair missing from the back.

Danni Draper/Facebook

Danni was understandably upset by the unsightly style, and headed straight back into the salon to express her dissatisfaction.

Here she was advised the woman responsible for the crime against follicles – the store manager no less – would reimburse the $80 Danni had forked out for the ‘beauty’ treatment.

However, the horror show continued when the savage fingered hairdresser got her mitts on Danni’s golden barnet.

In a baffling attempt to rectify the cut-astrophe, the hairdresser only succeeded in making matters worse; snipping Danni’s head thatch much shorter than she would have liked. And the nightmare was only beginning…

Danni Draper/Facebook

Taking to Facebook, a disapointed Danni shared her frustrations with sympathetic pals:

I went to S + S Northlakes store yesterday afternoon. I asked for a toner and a concave cut.

At the end (I hadn’t been shown the cut) I asked for a photo to be taken for the colour side of things. I then went and paid, went to my car to send the photo to my friend. This is what the hair dresser let me leave the store with.

She continued:

This is nothing like a concave cut at all, if she was not confident in the cut then I would have appreciated her being honest and saying so I would have just got a trim.

I went back she tried to fix it and it looked just as bad but just shorter so I now have to go somewhere else and get a hair cut a lot shorter than I initially wanted. I can’t write a review on their page as it is turned off.

*** UPDATED WITH THE RESPONSE ***I went to S + S Northlakes store yesterday afternoon. I asked for a toner and a…

Posted by Danni Draper on Tuesday, 13 March 2018

To make matters worse, the salon replied to her concerns with a message which placed the blame firmly on Danni’s dishevelled head.

This message – which Danni shared with a gaggle of fuming Facebook friends – suggested she had left the salon before the stylist had time to finish the cut.

The message read:

After receiving reports from all parties, it was a simple lack of communication as majority of style cuts are usually dried off and straightened before the final cut can be completed.

The stylist had not finished the haircut and you gave her no opportunity to finish the haircut.

I don’t believe you were given any ultimatums about taking your post down. We do not give ultimatums when we offer to help.

I cannot comment on the current style and length of your haircut as you have attended another salon premise and they have provided the service.

There will be no vouchers offered at this point. Our priority is to protect our staff from the unnecessary and pointless website posts.

Ouch. Cutting…

Danni Draper/Facebook

Luckily, Danni has been able to get a fresh trim at another salon.

However – despite being satisfied with the service – her hair is still sadly much shorter than she would have preferred.

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Ladies, make sure to do your research before letting a potential Edward Scissorhands loose on your pride and joy…