Sliders With Bumbags Are Peak Dad Fashion No One Asked For


Sliders with bumbags are now a thing, and I’m genuinely going to have to take steps to ensure my dad doesn’t find out about them.

He’ll be the first in line otherwise. He loves an efficient piece of clothing and he’d be over the moon to find out he could now carry his spare change in his shoes, but he already owns a pair of trousers which unzip into shorts and I just can’t take any more.

The Fanny Pack Benassi JDI Slides have been released by Nike just in time for Summer, and while they’re admittedly not the most fashionable item on the market they’d certainly make your feet a talking point.

The shoes come in two styles; black rubber with a yellow, blue, white and green tropical floral print bumbag, or vibrant pink with a black fanny pack embellished with neon green, pink, blue and white spots.

I think we’ll have to rename the bumbag if the shoes become a trend, though ‘foot bag’ just isn’t as catchy.

There’s no point in trying to be low-key in these sandals, and so the vibrant colours make them perfect for wearing on the beach, around the town, or even to a festival – provided it’s not a muddy one. So preferably a festival which isn’t in England.

Incredibly these sandals could even help prevent you from getting lost in the dark as Nike has added reflective 3M piping to the upper portion of the bum bag, ensuring you’ll still stand out even when the sun sets.

The handy built-in storage means you don’t have to carry a bag around or worry about your possessions being stolen. Someone would have to literally sweep you off your feet in order to get the shoes off you, and it’s really on you if they manage to do that without you noticing.

Obviously the hottest new product from Nike doesn’t come cheap, so you’d have to fork out $60, or £42.95, for the sliders, but it’s a small price to pay to have a pair of the most efficient shoes out there.

I have a feeling the Fanny Pack Sliders are going to be the bucket hat of Summer 2019.

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