Student Goes Viral For ‘Hysterical’ Reaction To See-Through Dress

by : UNILAD on : 18 Apr 2019 10:54
jodie howards reaction to viral dressjodie howards reaction to viral dressJodie17Howard/Twitter

A student has gone viral for her hilarious reaction to a bizarre dress she ordered online.


18-year-old Jodie Howard, a health and fitness student from Dublin, was shocked when she received a small package which contained a dress she had ordered from online store Lux Noire for €33 including shipping.

At first Jodie was surprised by how tiny the parcel was, becoming further flabbergasted when she tried on the dress, realising it left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Speaking to Dublin Live, Jodie explained that although she has shopped online a few times before, this is the first time a product wasn’t what she expected.


Lux Noire writes on their website the neon bodycon bandage dress delivers ‘guaranteed satisfaction’, a description Jodie completely disagrees with.

Not only was the dress a struggle to get on as it was so tight, it was also completely see-through leaving Jodie’s underwear in full view.

On her Twitter account, Jodie first shared a video of herself laughing as she showed off the parcel, which was the size of a letter.

Struggling to stop her giggles, Jodie tells the camera:

My dress, oh my god I can’t deal, my dress came in this…

Shen then posted a photo of how the dress arrived all crumpled, as well as one of her wearing it compared to the model on the website.


Jodie tweeted:

This is what the dress should have looked like compared to what it actually looked like.

The student told Dublin Live she was taken aback by how different the dress was, but also found it hilarious.

Jodie said:

I shop online occasionally, this is the first time I’ve ever received something that was completely different to the photo online. It came up as an ad on Instagram and I clicked on to the page and went from there.

I was excited when it came but was a bit shocked when I seen the size of the package. What came out was even worse. I found it quite funny and it was a bit difficult to get on as it was so small.

My mam and I had a laugh trying to get it on and found it hilarious when I finally got it on as it was completely see through.


The Dubliner admits she did receive a red flag when after ordering the dress, the bank contacted her being concerned about the authenticity of the website.

Jodie decided to go ahead with the purchase though, which arrived two weeks later.

We don’t think Jodie will be ordering from Lux Noire again…

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