The C-String Makes A G-String Look Like Granny Pants


Move over G-string there’s some new racy undies in town, the C-string.

The briefs, which are basically a headband you can pop between your privates, are designed to go between a woman’s cheeks whilst protecting her modesty at the front.

It also comes with an adjustable wire that allows the wearer to adjust the fit and there’s even a male version for adventurous blokes which has a pouch to store your penis in.

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You can even customise them in bright colours and some women have even given them eye-catching designs to make them stand out while holidaying.

Rather unsurprisingly it’s men who’ve been buying C-strings for the special women in their life, The Sun reports, and it seems that women aren’t as keen on the skimpy undies as their blokes.

The undies can be bought on sites such as Amazon for less than a fiver, but if you want a pair you’ll have to move fast as they’ve been flying off the shelves.

Although reviews for the pants online have been mixed to say the least, some admit that their ‘surprisingly comfy’, but most complain that the style isn’t exactly practical.

One post reads:

It doesn’t stay in place. Can’t see wearing this for more than 2 minutes. Don’t waste your money … this product is worthless.

One pleased husband was more than happy with is purchase, saying: My wife didn’t like it very much – but I loved it!’