This QVC Model Got A Lot Of Abuse For Her ‘Mismatched’ Nipples



The internet proves its brain is in its balls yet again, as people lose their shit over this model’s allegedly ‘mismatched’ nipples.

Sammi Marsh-Wade modelled a tight bodysuit designed to be worn under dresses on the shopping channel QVC. More than 285,000 people have seen the clip since it was posted on YouTube last week.

The ex-darts walk on girl suffered what many melodramatic souls have dubbed a wardrobe malfunction. In actual fact, you could just see her nipples through her underwear.

Some viewers felt sympathy for the model smuggling raisins, with one YouTuber writing, ‘I guess QVC can’t be bothered to turn up the heating.’ Others complimented Marsh-Wade on her figure, dubbing her ‘one of the five hottest women alive’.

However, things took a darker turn when some viewers decided her looks were unsatisfactory and accused the model of having ‘mismatched’ nipples – an utterly ridiculous, hurtful and unfounded comment.


And people’s responses are not only criminal, but creepy and pretty disgusting:


We’re guessing these guys weren’t browsing the shopping channel to hunt down the perfect slip dress for themselves, which just makes their comments all the more sleazy.

Sammi, who dubs herself an ‘Animal lover, charity fundraiser and marathon runner’ on her Instagram profile must be used to being objectified, but this is another level unforgivable.