This Guy Has Spent Thousands On Getting The ‘Perfect Bum’


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If you want to enhance any area of your physique then nowadays it is more than possible so long as you have the cash.

26-year-old Joey Prixx of Boston, Massachusetts, does have the cash and he is more than happy to part with it in a bid to have surgeons sculpt his body into what he considers perfect form.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Joey has undergone 150 hours under the knife for 100 procedures – the latest a £45,000 surgery to insert the largest silicone arse implants available to him.

They have to be seen to be believed…

Joey, a body piercing professional, said:

I absolutely love my new bum, it’s just perfect.

I had 350cc silicone implants inserted through either sides of my bum crack, they’re the largest I could have without them being specially made due to my body size.

I know people think they must be a little out of proportion but that’s what I wanted, everyone’s been so complimentary, they’re definitely a talking point.

I often have people asking to touch them too, they feel like two huge water balloons it feels really cool sitting down now and I absolutely love it.

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A photo posted by Joey PriXx (@joeyprixx) on

He added:

Life is so much more fun with butt implants.

I’ve wanted them for such a long time, I’ve worked really hard to get them and I couldn’t be happier.

What can I say my motto is plastic is fantastic, I’m now saving up for another nose job to improve my bridge and I’d like to double the size of my bum implants.

Double?! Well it’s his body at the end of the day.

He does have some words of warning for others considering taking such extreme measures in a bid to transform.

Joey said:

For anyone considering having them, make sure you’re 100% sure, I was in a lot of pain for a while but for me it was definitely worth it.

Well he knows what he wants, and apparently works six days a week to fund it – you be you Joey, you be you.