This Is How Much The Highest-Earning Instagram Models Make For Doing Nothing

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Money for nothing seems like a pretty good deal.

And it’s dire straits when you realise we live in a world that will pay people millions for doing just that. Nothing.

But these entrepreneurial Instagram models have achieved the Gen-Y dream of earning a killing – a cool $100,000 to be precise – for a single sponsored post. Add up all those narcissistic snapshots, and these women are raking in seven-figure salaries every year.

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Paige Hathaway – £3.8million

This fitness fanatic earns a small fortune with sponsorship deals for fitness teas – which contain laxatives that reportedly make you lose weight out the back door.

Maybe that’s why most of her selfies are snapped in her toilet mirror…

Chantel Zales – £3.6 million

This individual earns her dollar bills advertising hair removal.

She hashtags #TeamNoFuzz with alarming regularity.

Ana Cheri – £2.4 million

This woman is paid to be a member of something called a #FitFam – whatever the hell that means.

We just hope her real fam doesn’t find out because it’ll cost her in #ActualFamilyTherapy.

A photo posted by AnaCherí (@anacheri) on

A photo posted by AnaCherí (@anacheri) on

Abigail Ratchford – £2.3 million

This self-confessed ‘Queen of Curves’ gets paid to have her hair pulled, face caked in makeup, and body sprayed with neon orange fake tan – let’s hope none of it rubbed off on the nice car.

Mind you, she could definitely afford valet.

Claudia Alende – £2.1 million

This Megan Fox doppleganger gets paid to advertise powdered protein in jars, that would otherwise be found in chicken.

When you strip it all back, she’s really just a glorified farmer.

Laci Kay Somers – £2 million

This actress and singer – according to her Instagram page – sells some waist training wraps that look a little like tofu bacon.

Amanda Lee – £1.9 million

This gym bunny is sponsored to drink pineapple protein shakes and hang out in pools.

Between the taste of those shakes and the pruney pool fingers, I’d actually rather have a boring office job… I think.

Bella Falconi – £1.7 million

This nutritionist sells weight-loss pills and yogurts, which I’m pretty sure a legitimate nutritionist would avoid promoting.

You know, for the health of their clients.

These wedge earnings should just about cover the model’s lavish lifestyles – from detox teas to teeth whitening kits, lip fillers to liposuction and private gym membership to private jets, these women make money for selling a false reality.

As companies are paying them a bomb to do so, this fitness fakery is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy that many people who actually have jobs are struggling to live up to.

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The models clearly work incredibly hard on their bodies and it’s every woman’s right to use anything in her arsenal to earn a living – no judgement there from me.

But I can’t help but feel slightly ticked off at the cash flow injections they’re enjoying. All for holding up a bag of detox tea… If they curled the bags maybe their arm gains would match their bank gains.