This Is The Reason Prince George Always Wears Shorts


Prince George must be the most sartorial tiny gent in the country.

The future King of England’s style is anything but in short supply. Between his twin sets and tiny trainers, George consistently nails the somewhat shit British Heritage ‘casual’ vibe.

But admirers of George’s wardrobe may have noticed he operates a strict repeats policy on his shorts. No exaggeration – he’s always wearing a pair of cut offs. You know how we know?

The Prince’s attire is subject to an aristocratic rule that’s been written into history since the 16th century relating to social class, and the Royal Family adheres to it word for word.

An etiquette expert, William Hanson told Mashable: ‘The reason is predominantly to do with social class’ before adding wryly: ‘because everything in British society is to do with social class.’

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the Prince’s track record.

Shorts, even throughout the cold weather at Christmastime:

This very twee shorts and sock combination is reminiscent of the Famous Five:

George, having a whale of a time in his shorts:

He couldn’t even be bothered to switch up his style for renowned photographer, Testino:

Look who's turning two tomorrow! #HappyBirthdayPrinceGeorge

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Too short to see…

While I don’t agree that archaic aristocratic rules should take precedent over chilly knees, shorts do offer so much room for manoeuvre…

George, wondering where the rest of his trousers went:

Legs for days…

The long and short of it is…

The cut offs aren’t exactly in short supply:

Just when you thought the Royal Family was becoming even a tiny bit contemporary, stylish or progressive, we find out that it’s all been a sartorial lie.

Poor George, give the boy some trousers. He must be freezing.